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  1. So now that you are 45...what you do?

    it doesn't. They confirmed it in multiple places and also the 10th content isn't lvl 50 content. It's the other part of 45 content: 7 floors of mushin, 45 hogmun 5 and harbors.
  2. So now that you are 45...what you do?

    I just hoard everything i can while waiting for warlock - soulstones, mats, tradeable weapons, money. Looks like i will be doing that for a couple of months -.-

    Don't see anything wrong with that, it's all on you. Was the party supposed to wait until your finish your bid fight of 1 copper? If you really need the item, bid a normal ammount, not a copper over the last bid.
  4. I agree i should be happy but knowing how easy and quick it is to get lvl 10 i simply know it will hardly solve anything.
  5. The fact that they needed feedback on such basic of things warrants other kind of hate.
  6. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    They didn't really schedule anything since they had this time for maintenance since forever. While i can't speak about lineage, i know for a fact that Aion had this time as maintenance all the time so they simply do it all at one time and are done with it. Although if their other game's (lineage for example) maintenance time is different i'll agree that they could tinker with BnS's times but if the times are the same there then i see no point to change it and make more work for yourself when you can do it all at once. And most importantly because you will never please everybody. In that case you need to step away from everything and do some "soul" searching.
  7. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    Do it a bit earlier and you're stepping into a zone when NA players are playing.Or should they now do two different maintenances when they can do everything in one?
  8. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    All that salt...Don't people have anything else to do?Do some studying if you're in school/uni, spend some time with the kids or your lady, watch a movie or a show you might have missed, read a damn book. Or simply make some conclusions if this game is your only hobby because you're bitching about 4 hours out of a week not to mention those hours aren't even peak ones.
  9. Who does maintenance in the middle of the day?

    While it is midday for Europe, those midday hours are when normal people are in school or work. 4 am PST gets converted to 12.00 gmt+0. So the shortest end of the stick went to gmt+2 but even then the maintenance started at 14.00 and ideally will last until 17.30 so if you're working at a typical working hours job, by the time you come back the maintenance will have ended. At higher grades lessons usually end between 14.00 and 15.00 so do your homework during the downtime and you will have more time to play later. GMT +0 has nothing to complain at all considering the maintenance is from 12.00 till 15:30. In other words - there's nothing to complain about.
  10. Bid Dungeon System

    Yeah, i meant multiple of the same class. Well, that's where our preferences differ then. From my personal experience i'm left to despise RNG. If the higher levels are running the lower level dungeons, they're likely farming the materials (for example that purple nail from the level 20 dungeon) so after a couple of such runs you will have made enough money from their bids to buy what you needed.
  11. Bid Dungeon System

    While this sounds good too, you still have to roll if there's multiple classes and i just detest the rolling system. The less rng, the better. So i just love the bidding. It gives me the sense that i'm in control. Even if someone bids so much i can't outbid or simply don't value that item so high, i will at least come out with the extra <insert colour> coin.
  12. Bid Dungeon System

    Well if you're lucky that your weapon drops you might be unlucky and lose the RNG to somebody else. With this system you can at least fight for it.Not to mention the most important thing of you being able to change the loot. I assume you're talking about the lvl 20 purple dungeon.The weapon that drops at the end is untradable thus the person who is a different class but bids on it is the one to blame, not the system. And most importantly, you want to eliminate a system which guarantees that you will at least come out of the dungeon richer if not with the item you want. The winning bid is split between the other people in the group. So on the contrary, this bid system is what makes running dungeons that much more enjoyable because you know that you're not wasting your time and the least that you will get is money.
  13. <Crimson> Awkward Llamas

    Awkward Llamas - a legion of a family like group of people is looking to lovingly welcome everybody who wants to have a blast while experiencing everything that makes B&S super awesome with no pressure whatsoever. Only requirements we have is for you to speak English, be friendly and have a sense of humor because one thing that the chat won't lack is jokes! So if you're interested in joining this laid-back gang or simply want to find out more whisper LakeFever or AzureKlte (that's an L) in game.
  14. What class did you decided to main?

    Just getting ready for that sweet sweet Warlock with my sin.