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  1. Hello people! As you can tell from the title my main class is the Lynn blade dancer. Now, lemme give you some background on me. I m sitting at lvl 42 right now just a bit before hitting 43 and have managed to climb to 1821 rating in the arena sitting at a 25 difference between my victories and defeats (with victories being ahead of course). Ok so with all that being said, through experience and talking with friends, I 've pretty much found a way to play vs every class but the summoner at higher ELOs. As soon as I stepped into the 1700s my games have been getting a ton more intense as people know what they are doing and I am enjoying pvp quite a lot and having a blast. Destroyers and assassins have to be my hardest matchups followed by good KFMs and rarely some good FMs. But my hardest match up so far has been the summoner. Mind you I am not complaining about the class as I have defended the balance of the game's pvp several times on these forums. I just think the way I m playing vs the summoner is not working at higher ELOs. Normally before hitting the 1700+ bracket I d try to go for the cat and burst it with an aerial and lightning draw ani cancel combo. This seems to not be working so great anymore since the cat seems to survive with a little bit of hp and going into defensive stance in which occasion the summoner just proceeds to pound my face XD. Unfortunately none of my friends play a summoner so I can't practice with them either. I ve also tried popping z and heading in with an X aerial followed by a crash to stun em both and go for a V pull into a lightning draw to deal some heavy dmg but usually this won't work either because if one of all this gets evaded he just proceeds to wreck me :P So I ask you fellow arena pvpers and blade dancers, what is a good way to play against a summoner? I ve heard summoners say lbds can counter them better than other classes but I haven't gotten around to figuring out just how yet. I imagine those 3 extra talent points will also help me so getting to max lvl should be a priority. Try to include everything you know including ability specs in your explanation! I thank you all in advance ^_^ NOTE: If your post is going to be about how I can't counter summoner because summoner is OP do not bother posting I want to deal and discuss with more serious people that have gotten to the higher brackets. If your post is also about how blade dancer is OP then don't bother replying either but rather spend that time in learning how to play.
  2. Where are all the classes?

    I m a blade dancer and I m sitting at 1833 ELO and have fought a few along the way! Though assasins and destros seem to be very very common. Where are you getting that info about FM? FM has to be the rarest class I ve encountered on my way to almost platinum
  3. Hmm I ll try that out even though most of the time they end up outdmging my burst :( I can get out of the roots with my spin but the dmg is still pretty brutal. I m looking forward to more suggestions so keep em coming guys :)
  4. Summoner VS ForceMaster

    Why are you asking him about soul shields and weapons? Gear (yes including soul shields) does not count in the arena
  5. Yep blade master total trash. That's why a blade master took the world championship twice. Warlock got one championship and is probably the closest to being OP and LBM has won one.
  6. Ι know they do. I dont consider it OP but their dmg is sky high
  7. "Sin dmg is pathetic" Second best burst in the game along with blade dancer right behind the blade master.
  8. Ι can't even :'D I don't know how anyone can seriously reply to this. No wonder you guys are having trouble against summoners XD
  9. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Well he isn't the best but hes certainly up there on the top! I wouldn't call him your average player for example
  10. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Don't really bother trying to help the ones who keep whining they ll ignore you and call you names instead of taking constructive critiscism.
  11. The real WHY summoner is OP

    You ll eventually learn how to play against them dw :) Some classes definitely have it a bit easier against certain others but there are definitely no hard counters in this game so you ll eventually find a way to play well against these 2 as a summoner.
  12. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Also heads up. All the whiny little kids that dont bother learning take an example from a world class pvper like bahjeera playing one of the "OMGFTM classes destro SO UNBALANCED PLZ NERF" and getting absolutely destroyed by a KFM. Notice how he takes it like a pro and doesn't complain ONCE throughout the fight but rather laughs it off and even mentions at 2:50 that "the reason why he gets wrecked by KFMs is because he doesn't understand the class"? And this is coming from a world class pvper. Learn a bit from his attitude wont ya?
  13. The real WHY summoner is OP

  14. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Allright lets give you a heads up shall we? Assuming you spec correctly both your dashes as an lbm are on a 30-35 second cooldown. I wouldn't call that chasing forever. Lightning draw is also on a same cd so there goes your burst if you somehow miss it. You can spam spin a total of 5 whoopin times before you run completely dry of chi in which case you either need to do a soaring falcon or a force grip if you ve left yourself with 2 chi both of which are ridiculusly easy to counter (you can exit force grip with z or tab and soaring falcon moves slow as *cricket* so you have plenty of time to defflect and deny us our chi). A chi starved blade dancer can do absolutely nothing and will most likely get wrecked in seconds. It's probably the classes biggest weakness and the best way to beat an lbm is to count their chi as it is very easy to lose count of it and spam your spin to oblivion sometimes. Again I will repeat that once the spin animation starts playing IT ONLY PARRIES FOR 0.5 SECONDS and I m puting it in caps since you dont seem to understand this or you re willingly ingoring it WHILE IT HAS A 1 SECOND COOLDOWN so you have another 0.5 seconds to weave in a cc during the animation before we can effectively parry again. Also you cant spin when you get stunned wtf you can only remove snares with it... you can only trinket out of a stun as an lbm stop spouting bullshit. I ve layed down all the weaknesses of the class and I m very willing to help you learn how to counter it but you dont seem to want to listen/learn and would rather just call it op.
  15. The real WHY summoner is OP

    You can't spin 24/7 learn to *cricket*ing count chi and time your cc. The spin only deflects for the first 0.5 seconds and it has a 1 sec cd while eating 2 chi every time. Wait and use your cc on the 2nd half of the *cricket* skill or be stuck in silver forever cause you can't be bothered to think or figuring how you re going to beat a class.
  16. The real WHY summoner is OP

    They really don't.... they also don't know the *cricket* spin eats 2 focus and only deflects for the first 0.5 seconds while it has a 1 sec cd so you can time your cc in the second half of the skill but noooo "spin too win too op guyz"
  17. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Allright, time to /thread. I ve been pvping with 2 classes so far both at 33 one is the blade dancer (my main) the other is the kung fu master (2nd main). I lost to the first few summoners I played against (literaly the 3 losses I have on my bd are 2 against summoners and 1 against a destroyer) but then I learned how to effectively counter them on both classes and have been steamrolling summoners all day. Literally unleash hell on the pet and kill it. But dont underestimate them after that cause thats why I did the 2nd time when I went for the pet and ended up getting destroyed. On my blade dancer I ll start by parrying his pets jump and start my aerial combo! I ve specced into stunning with lightning draw so I can immediately stun it once it drops down and because of the lightning crit procs from speccing into stun crit F I can burst it down in seconds without him being able to turn it to deffense stance. There is another way of doing this with force grip but I dont like that build pre 45 cause you have to drop points off of other vital stuff. Anyway moving on, you might lose anywhere from 30-50% of your hp in the process depending on what you avoid with ss cause you cant tab while you re killing the cat or you ll cancel draw stance. After you kill the cat, secure a safe distance from the summoner and start regening chi. With this strat chances are you haven't used your force grip on the cat so after ss-ing out of his roots go for a chi regening combo on the summoner. Immediately follow the combo with a specced into knockup X and proceed to aerial or stun specced raid (aka your 2 button charge) and start your aerial combo. The summoner doesnt have much hp so you probably dealt 30-40% of his hp during that combo depending on crits and stuff. Now if you securred your distance and played safe dodging and countering his spells you ll have lightining draw back as hes droping from the air and ready to hit him the split second he drops for a guaranteed stun followed into super fast lbm and F procs that should take him out in seconds. That is it for the blade dancer and I can come up with at least 2-3 more ways you can deal with them but that is the one I m using. If you want my kung fu master strategy I can give you that as well but do not hesitate to call a class OP just because you haven't thought of a strat for beating it. Summoner requires a different approach and you need to notice different stuff but it's far from impossible to beat/op. Keep in mind most people are new and the summoner is one of the easier classes to grasp so realisticly a completely new player playing a summoner will fair better than a player who is playing kung fu master simply because without much effort the summoner is playing to at least 60-70% of his potential while the KFM is playing 30%. Is it fair? If you knew anything about balance and how real balanced games are balanced then you d know it is. The difficulty of a class does not matter when balancing a game. In the end the 2 classes only need to be balanced when they are played to their maximum potential regardless of how much effort it requires to do so. The different class difficulties only exist for the to appeal to different types of players not to be better when played right compared to the easy ones. Otherwise you d see all the koreans play KFM at tournaments cause it's the hardest. Play the class you like, instead of whining use your brain/ask for advice and TRY TO LEARN FROM LOSING. In b4 "lol blade caner etc etc" I ve literally read a thread about every single class in the game somehow being op/up which freaking proves how well balanced and skill dependant this game is.
  18. Sorry for that multiquote dunno why that happened but I d still like an answer :/
  19. When satisfied with your gear? I thought gear did not count in the arena...