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  1. Lets have a vote on removing gameguard

    Even if you have no problems with it , it hinders BnS's performance for sure so i guess you have a problem but you haven't payed attention yet or don't care but its there
  2. Lets have a vote on removing gameguard

    And last be not least keeping GG will only make NCWest sloppier and give more advantages to hackers/botters/etc because NCWest will be like "eh okay we have taken care of those bad guys already we have done everything we could , xD" instead of getting rid of it while at the same time improving our client's performance and making adjustments on the server side - the best solution to counter cheats/hacks and abuses. It would be for the best of both the company and the customers throwing it on the recycle bin.
  3. Lets have a vote on removing gameguard

    It's very sad then there are naive people like this who BELIEVE that GameGuards PROTECTS us ! You must be new to the MMO scene or simply stupιd to believe that. For starters bots and hackers are using a MODIFIED version of BnS , which is obvious.Then you see a train of 20 destroyers with hongmoon gear do you believe the bots opened the game via NCSoft's launcher ? top kek. They don't care if we run GG or not , they bypass it anyway , it only damages the legit players. Secondly , GG reduces performance on an already bad optimized game and at the same time its protection is DISGUSTING. I just entered the GG folder , deleted 16 out of 20 files (while the game was running) and boom , GG is dead ! Macros can be used again while with GG they couldn't. This "program" is that you praise as a protector , i didn't even google the solution i was pretty sure that it didn't improve since 10 years ago and it would be really simple to fix. And no , GG does NOTHING to protect you against spammers since they don't even run the game to spam , naive cellbags. Spammers are getting banned automatically by the system - server side if you report them enough bla bla , GG does nothing about it.

    GPU does not matter in a MMORPG , it's all about CPU and precisely IPC. You need 2 to 3 powerful single performance cores which means Intel.
  5. Has GameGuard ever worked ? I remember it on Lineage II being a joke. Please consider trashing it , you are just losing money NC West.
  6. BnS and Real Full Screen

    As you may have noticed BnS does not run in Full Screen but instead on Windowed Full Screen , which means inferior performance compared to Full Screen. What is the logic and reasoning behind this and why can't we change to real Full Screen ? Also in the Beta if you Alt + Enter you could swap to Full Screen however if you do this right now you will lag even more for some reason This game is already plagued with inconsistent performance issues why is this simple thing unoptimized ? Can NC West do something about it , and respond so we may know ?
  7. Change game model from f2p to p2p.

    Actually it was a pretty good example since League by itself has 12million users per day and West's BnS barely has 100k users (according to stats which were leaked 2 days ago) and can't withstand the pressure. It doesn't matter if its MMOvsMOBA the numbers speak by themselves. Also MMORPG hard to maintain/less flexible ? GW2 even patches with no downtime , it's all about tech. If they didn't use ancient one like they do right now there would be no problems.

    One thing is for sure , if you have many people around you (not in the server , around your character) like +50 the game will lag pretty much in any PC. The problem is that the game is using Unreal Engine 3 with Direct X 9 , for example DX9's drawcalls are so low compared to DX12's and you need lots of drawcalls then you load lots of people However this inconsistency of Bad HW - Good FPS/Good HW - Bad FPS should not exist even with the old graphics engine.

    I guess the problem has to be on the software side since the Hardware is more than sufficient so yeah maybe the Windows version has an effect. Hell , even the windows updates change how games perform. Remember , not long ago a Windows 10 update which broke Fallout 4 ?

    The point is that some people have i7s and 980Tis and are lagging even on Low while they are pretty much with a few mobs/people meanwhile others with inferior hardware are having +80FPS Something is not right , i mean yeah the game isn't that optimized and on 50 people it should lag but still. @ dispatcher505 I guess i have to give it a try on my brother's PC which has W10.

    I don't know to be honest , i'm having issues too like i said before and i'm running 8.1 too. I wonder how it would run on Windows 7 , since it's a Korean game i'm pretty sure there has to be a difference in performance but i don't have time to test stuff like that.
  12. Change game model from f2p to p2p.

    Exactly. Also why should we request from a company to maintain some weak servers instead of improving them ? I doubt that the game has even 1 million players and the servers are on fire meanwhile Dota2's or League's have +10 million and they are running just fine. We should demand and wait better infrastructure to support all of us , not lesser.

    What Windows are you using right now ?
  14. Which are the PvP/PvE/RP servers?

    RP servers in 2016 , come on man <.< If you don't want to PvP just don't use a Crimson outfit or generally a PvP one. No need to seperate the community in different servers for something so simple.

    I pretty much have a similar issue , using a i7 4790K and GTX 770 with 32GB 2666MHz and im getting sub 40s now and then , generally lots of frame drops. I guess server lag has an impact too , yesterday especially in a few maps personally i had like 500ping and along with it my fps died. Also for some reason the game is not Full Screen but instead its Windowed Full Screen even if it is says its Full and this is tanking some FPS for sure.