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  1. Kind of like the ss that drop from him when you are in the mid 30s it got nice hp and nice critical on it and yes the stinger is very good looking too.
  2. If you got only 1 essence there was either a lot of people hitting it or your damage sucks get 2 most of the time here.
  3. I can imagine that if brazil get a server latin america would be asking for 1 too but if there is enough people who play from those country why not but i wouldn't expect a spanish or portuguese translation though.
  4. Yeah but if u do the yellows questline u gonna get it as rewards b4 u get to jadestone.
  5. NcSoft must be watching how the gs are getting to here so if they use VPN which would make sense you are paying for it.Normal that they take measure to block them as much as possible.
  6. Did on a few characters already and beside of the problem of getting to him never got any trouble personally.
  7. On the launcher you can change to german and french also if u dislike English voice.Click setting at top.
  8. the assassin master in the cave northeast of jadestone is beautiful also.Very sexy.
  9. Plus by level 14 brother hajoon made you practice quite a bit of your skill so you should know by then if you gonna like the class or if you find it boring.
  10. I have to agree 2 character per account on f2p is pretty standard. character slot, bank slots to expend bank is also pretty standard and often only a few bags b4 u need to buy more.i don't know where u have been playing but f2p games need ways to make money to pay for their employees.
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