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  1. And then a lot of people gonna say what you allow people to race change but bots are rampant on all the servers.Get your priority right.
  2. From what people have said about the latest livestream it's coming but since no region has it anywhere on this game they have to build it from scratch.No eta yet since i'm not very tech savvy not sure how long a system like this can take.
  3. Oh btw now with currency exchange you can exchange your gold for hongmoon coins which you can then use to buy extra character slot. It's 400 hongmoon coin so if currency hasn't change much would be around 8 gold. Seems pretty low to me.Just in case if you have decided to delete both characters and have to wait 6 days.
  4. Hmmm let's see how many time you have to go to a dungeon to evolve your gear to get to endgame.And even if you got all the gold in the world purple items are not sellable so even if you are a millionnaire you still have to go to all those places if you want that shiny gear.So how can it be p2w it's not like bah ok i want pirate let's go ah and buy it.
  5. Kind of like the ss that drop from him when you are in the mid 30s it got nice hp and nice critical on it and yes the stinger is very good looking too.
  6. If you got only 1 essence there was either a lot of people hitting it or your damage sucks get 2 most of the time here.
  7. I can imagine that if brazil get a server latin america would be asking for 1 too but if there is enough people who play from those country why not but i wouldn't expect a spanish or portuguese translation though.
  8. Omg if OP want all this fix i would say take a 1 year break from the game.Way too many things to fix for the short term.I do agree that each problem should have his own thread marking too many like op just did just gonna get ignored.
  9. Yeah but if u do the yellows questline u gonna get it as rewards b4 u get to jadestone.
  10. NcSoft must be watching how the gs are getting to here so if they use VPN which would make sense you are paying for it.Normal that they take measure to block them as much as possible.
  11. I would say summoner would outperform but between sin and fm my sin beat fm at least 2 if not 3 to 1
  12. Personally i find we get enough costumes in the game for free that i don't feel like i need to gamble on those boxes.But i'm not a wardrobe maniac either so to me the p2w argument is pretty hollow.People gonna tell me but u need more storage place and u need to buy some dragon pouch.So far i bought only the 10 copper and 1 silver 1 and i got enough dragon pouch to still have some room but maybe other people wants more stuff i don't know but it hasn't been a problem here.
  13. Did on a few characters already and beside of the problem of getting to him never got any trouble personally.
  14. On the launcher you can change to german and french also if u dislike English voice.Click setting at top.
  15. EU saying that only because login server in the US when u r past login and r playing it's german location but people like to argue.
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