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  1. Getting tired of it

    its annoying when you get DC, and you'll be back on that ridiculous log in que. make life miserable.
  2. Increase server capacity guys!!

    I think allowing players to change server is a good idea though. and shorter AFK players to 15 mins. or put some Exp cap per day. whatever it helps reduce playing time for players.
  3. Increase server capacity guys!!

    i can only play 3 hours a day. with that que up. and bots are in the !@#% server spamming, players who have limited amount of time to play are like F*ked up. They really have to do with those spammers and bots. and SHORTER the AFK to 15 mins and not 1 hour.
  4. What's your number game

    I feel you pain BestWaifu, there there, I'm #210 now. now waiting on, 10 mins.
  5. What's your number game

    #372. I'm getting close! been waiting for 4 hours now LoL. this game. I swear. -non premium here.