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  1. Why do you still play this game?

    i dont really play much anymore but i log on every once in awhile for the combat.
  2. Player's Letter - 6/11

    L M A O this. i agree with OP ENTIRELY but this...LMAO. i had to retry 14 times then copy paste into a new tab, retry THAT for another 5 times JUST TO UPVOTE AND REPLY.
  3. Is Arena Dying?

    i remember vividly at post game level 45, arena was filled everyday. was toxic and lively. honestly, id play with that rather than to see arena so dead. i say this with confidence that even known top players are legitimately gone. i know mosh lurks here and there hoping the game takes a 180, even if ever so slightly turning.
  4. this explains everything what i wanted to say. play the game till 45. play it a little more after 50. decide then. this is what every newcomer should read and start preparing for. well said, man.
  5. Quitting after jun 22

    In a way, this is P2W. Community is toxic. Probably not as league toxic. But its toxic enough. We dont give a rats ass about BDO. We arent participating in Esports anymore. Thats a dead dream. we dont even have a spectate system. HM skills are a huge deal. Especially in arena. We have gave the game this "break". Since months. Since release. Nothing significant has changed. None of the major issues at hand are changed. Link me something showcasing KR is trying to catch us up. Maybe instill a small hope of faith in me, otherwise, I call bs. Im betting KR is not even looking at our direction, considering the circumstances of the game. they probably already know the effort is wasted trying to get west bns going. with our current devs running this show, theres no chance. we dont need to know everything about the KRs do in their region.
  6. its people giving their personal views and opinions of the game. most high leveled players dont want to help lower players. thats just it. newcomers hit a brick wall at 45-50. western bns isnt even newcomer friendly. idk where you get this "just ask ingame" thing. its literally a ghost game where no one talks and most dont bother to help. have you seen the dungeon? you call that friendly? its not people like "us" or "them". have you paid any attention to the state of the game? cmon dude. dont get me wrong, i love bns but im gone from the game. it was fun, but its not anymore. thats just it.
  7. Quitting after jun 22

    This game HAS gone downhill, hence why most people are leaving. People "cry for attention" cause they WANT this game to improve, they WANT to address the issues at hand, they WANT these issues FIXED, and most of all, they want their voices HEARD. Has the devs said ANYTHING TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT? Their last stream was a complete and utter joke. Clear sign they don't give a fck and are in it for the cash grab. I don't even see my most viewed twitch streamers on anymore. Floworo is gone. Mosh is gone. Carth is gone. Cassis is gone. All the top players that supported and made this game further enjoyable are GONE. This game isnt even making it to Esports, which many of us, including our professional players WANTED TO HAPPEN. This game has no value nor incentive to play other than SF coming out next week. No half brained dead idiot who plays the game needs "facts" to completely know that this game has gone shit. Its all over the floor. Incorrect thoughts are more than enough at this point.
  8. consider switching to other regions. lag is a downside but its greener on that side than NA will ever be. or wait till the 22nd for SF and make ur decisions afterwards. to quit or leave.
  9. Poor Summoners. Not~

    summoners nerfs? fine with that. they can manage well outside of pvp with the nerfs anyway.
  10. They are getting better O.O~

    no one is going to do anything about it.
  11. consider switching to other regions. lag is a downside but everything else is pretty much better. or wait till the 22nd for SF and make ur decision after.
  12. you're obviously a complete dumbass .its people like you that makes this community look trash. at least a few comments here were actually decent. ur not the only one, OP.
  13. BM vs Warlock = 100% rip bm

    Patience is key here. Rushing in will only get you punished. I've faced a fair amount of WL's so I'll try to tell you from experience. Some WL's will immediately summon Thrall. Just run away. It's a bait for you to go in. Keep a keen eye for any major WL skills. Bastion/Sanctum/Leech/Quell. Situations will vary, so get creative when the opportunity presents itself. If Bastion is on CD, that is something you can take advantage off. I recommend spec'ing into Blade Call. WL's are squishy, so 100-0'ing them isn't hard, assuming you know the proper rotation for Blade Call. Don't SS recklessly. You will get punished for it. Like the comment above me, avoid Thrall. Getting pulled in is a dangerous spot to be in. Especially if WL has all of their abilities up. Avoid damage and get out asap. If you can't, target WL. Some WL's will not start with Thrall, and instead use Bastion. They are expecting an offensive front. Again, be patient. Watch out for their guard skill, Quell. It is spammable but you can get around it. Best case scenerio in my past victories against them. If you can, pull them (Z) and sweep (3). Chances are WL will panic and use an escape. Tech chase them. If lucky, WL will use their 2nd escape, again, just tech chase into Blade Call. Easy 100-0. If WL is smart and doesn't take the bait, use that opportunity to get in some damage. I don't believe WL has a roll so don't be hesitant to deal some damage. Just watch out for the escapes and follow accordingly. GL, fellow BM. Hope our advice's help you.
  14. Bladedancer PvP Montage - Oldschool Style

    i've played bd. so boring and easy. lots of cheese. what were the design team thinking? we'll just give this particular garbage class something on top of immune spin, shield and phantom grab. nice vid anyways.
  15. dev team at their finest. money first, money second, money third. honestly, complete incompetence.