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  1. Everything is shared..

    Your UI, which is your User Interface is handled on the Client Side.
  2. Lost my money.

    Check your coins on the NCSoft website, NOT in game. Supposedly something in game isn't capturing account wallets properly.
  3. To~ NCsoft~

    More servers won't help the already established servers queue times. Smaller server population = faster speeds, less latency BUT = need for more individual servers WHICH OVER TIME = population thins and is spread out WHICH CREATES = working on merging all servers to obtain better population on once overly populated servers which means work. Lots of work. They can't just 'add a new server' unfortunately, lots of things go into it, however, yes, NCSoft dun goofed on underestimating the popularity upon launch. This is worse than Trove.
  4. I purchased Ncoin but didn't receive it

    Sometimes it can take a while to get the credits into your account. I remember waiting an hour to get credits into my account for Exteel back int he day.
  5. Did you try turning it off and then on again?
  6. So you want to play BnS right? If you're like me, you're choosing to stay away from pay2play and probably having a little difficulty logging in. Well, I have an amazing secret that the dev's don't want you to know about logging in quickly! I'll explain in a few easy steps. 1. Log in to BnS as you normally would and select the character you wish to play. 2. You will be placed into an enormous queue! Fear not! 3. This is where it gets hard, you will need to 'walk away from your pc'. 4. After ripping yourself from the anticipation, find one of these. 5. Wait in this foreign contraption for at least 2 hours or more. 6. You might have fallen asleep, so after you wake up, you should be logged in or closer to getting there!
  7. I'm so done right now...

    If you can't beat em, join them right? On pointe!
  8. I'm so done right now...

    I'm just going to keep mine logged in and be one of those afkers everyone hates.
  9. A Lyn and a Gon are having a discussion: Lyn: So how long ya 'Gon wait to start playing? Gon: *grabs Lyn and 'wedges' repeatedly*
  10. Should I join ?

    1. Right now for free users, wait times are horrible an almost unplayable. 2. Gear never 'really' happens much in the game as all of the gear you get is upgradeable and infuseable into the starting gear. 3. The abilities are 1-2-3-4 z-x-c-v, setup kind of like an arcade fighter, you can combo certain ones and also change certain skills to a different one via the abilities book. It is kind of limited.
  11. Seriously?

    It must be Mushin, it's the only server with 10k+ characters atm.
  12. What's your number game

    Server: Poh Wait Time: 3 1/2hrs~ Position: #958 Sanity: Growing thin
  13. So, NCsoft, a question!

    Don't be hating on Gon's, we can get so unnaturally big we don't fit into the character select screen!
  14. Junk

    Yes, take a screenshot, locate it, open your email, type a message that you hope someone might read to remove a gold spammer...oh come on, we've been developing MUCH better ways to communicate with each other. Not having an easy block/report system in game is dumbfounding to me.
  15. Seriously?

    Admittedly, NCSoft has done better at launching games int he past, they've done much better jobs at shutting them down.