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  1. Good for you, I don't really want it since it isn't really needed and not worth the effort to get it because of that , I just agree with the OP that it wouldn't hurt having it in achievement vendor. That just shows how badly designed this is, bigger clans can't provide their members with pellets without waiting month+ or making a new clan just for the purpose of crafting pellets, horribly designed, I find it hilarious some people defend this.
  2. Unless you play this all day I don't see how you can farm all the items and 15k zen beans in a reasonable amount of time to call it "easy", Clans have their use and should always be optional, putting the pellet in the achievement vendor won't change what clans are for, this promotes group play how exactly? playing as a group has hardly anything to do with this - you don't need a clan to do things in a group in this game - MMO doesn't mean you must join a clan, its a silly design that forces you to join a clan for no real reason just because you wanted to max your class skill. its o
  3. Saying it is easy to get alone is a bit of a stretch, the materials needed aren't that easy to get and if you don't like PVP you pretty much can't make it at all and even then the amount of zen beans needed is a lot to get alone. its just silly to put every single item needed to get the skill on the vendor except the pellet, make it expensive or whatever but add it to the vendor at least, its not like this HM skill is that amazing anyway - at least for Destroyer its just a little extra damage, certainly not worth 100g to buy from a clan. There's really no point having i
  4. Explained nicely by Yamyatos, big numbers does not mean more dps, as you keep upgrading Oathbreaker the others don't really compare sure that does take a while but even then overall Awakened Oath 10 is better imo.
  5. I saw at least 3 different guys using this on the same SS Plains channel and a party member saw them too, I was trying to tell people these speadhackers are around but they were in denial and told me I was "lagging" (haha as if this can be lag) and kept repeating the broken phrase "speedhack can't work cause position is server side only". One of them showed up out of nowhere after I broke a weapon box and he picked up a bomb and threw it at me and instantly ran away "teleporting" 200 meters every jump. Tried getting a photo but he was way too fast and vanished, I did ge
  6. They really need to either lower or remove the damage requirement from the 3 minibosses in this, every time I did this so far I could never manage to get all 3 in 1 event, there are too many people and too little HP on those bosses, another problem is that people don't do them in an order so at least 2 bosses already have almost 15-20% gone by the time you killed the 1 you were attacking - which is probably because they couldn't get that specific boss last time and just want to finish the quest. The least they can do is increase the channels the event happens in that might help spr
  7. I'm using the atk/cdm breeze for now and still at 44% crit and it works fine, 440 cdm is pretty great but eventually upgrading pirate bracelet path gives 30+ or 40+ atk at the higher upgrades and that pretty much makes up for the crit damage I believe.
  8. The Pirate bracelet upgrade path is the best right now and what we will be using pretty much forever, even at stage 1 awakened Oathbreaker bracelet has some crazy stats. Until you can upgrade that you can use the breeze bracelet which seems to have at least 3 different roll versions.
  9. They are indeed used for the 3 pillars, you need 30 essences for each pillar to spawn the giant frog.
  10. from what I saw most of these go for around 300g, don't know if anyone bought them or not though.
  11. last night the character info wouldn't even load for me and overall it was always slow as hell, maybe that's a reason why they did this, the data center was probably being overloaded with huge gifs and what not. now it loads pretty much instantly, some people still have their own pics they uploaded + the normal char pics.
  12. Just got dc while doing MM at Nightshade.... Ebon Hall, can't login getting error 200 authenticblablabla. EU servers so good.
  13. I used the blue weapons from NSH/E.fleet for my awakened and True siren, depending on luck it is very good xp.
  14. Nah artifacts don't look like that, if it was an artifact it wouldn't go through the game world like that in length , it would just be a line overlaying the picture. I saw this yesterday in E.fleet it was a straight line in front of my camera that went through a building, weird.
  15. Well, how much do these cost? and what is your budget?. unless you are getting these reaallllyy cheap somehow, I would never buy any of those, also wireless/Bluetooth/card reader cards on a desktop is a waste of money in my opinion. I highly recommend buying individual parts and assembling it yourself, it isn't too hard to do and extremely fun and rewarding plus you save tons of money.
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