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  1. but there are no ncwest in my c files coz i use the website download is it bugged or something?
  2. launcher stuck at update 0.0

    anyone have any solutions? coz ive reinstall 2times this keeps happening
  3. For people getting error 4049

    great help got in XD
  4. BnSCrashReport after patch

    we are all screwed patch game guard crash everytime i start the game
  5. Character Creation Jinsoyun

    it was supposed to be bigger pic but its so smal the details is great though 90%look like jinsoyun
  6. Character Creation Jinsoyun

    found this on a cn server
  7. Error of "server is under maintenance" ??

    0.0cant even get pass launcher
  8. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    0.0is anyone getting stuck at the launcher?
  9. pls i need some help anyone getting this problem too?>
  10. Summoners should be banned from arena

    well melee have some disadvantage over range class due to meter range so dun go if madoshi can beat a summoner y cant u lol try out a melee and u will know the feel
  11. Mushin Tower 7th Floor (Blade Dancer)

    as above 5 min timer one its is up aoe spam rage from boss
  12. Chapter 1 Road to Darkness question

    yep mushin tower is hard unless u are geared well and crtis hard and btw mushin have 3 froms,anger,sorrow,darkness,u have to beat all 3 of em inorder to complete the final mw quest