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  1. bypassing gameguard is a pretty rudimentary step for hackers and botters.. NCSoft wouldn't want to ruin their gameplay experience
  2. Support will just tell you to reset your network adapter or clear your dns cache and run the game as administrator. Lmao As if it's your problem and that it would do anything about their broken 3rd party program
  3. Nope the update didn't change anything, still stuttering. Also they broke that temporary method of fixing their problem^ Looks like the gameguard optimization in patch notes was just meant to make the experience smoother for bots
  4. ^that method worked for me you have to restart your computer and delete the folder every time you play though
  5. BDO doesn't look that good.. Tree of Savior's open beta is soon, I think I'll play that instead if this game isn't fixed by then
  6. Newest NVIDIA drivers. Game is not even close to using all resources. But the freezes are constant and unplayable
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