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  1. Summoners QQ about nerf..

    No, I havent tried lately. Because I don't invite summoners to my runs anymore, and I only run Nightshade and E-fleet supply with friends, but at one point I did ask them if they could respect their cats, since I was going to tank, but they never listened, or pretended not to listen. Did you ever try to ask a KFM or BM if they could tank? I bet the result was as bad as mine.
  2. Widow hairstyles

    Wait, what? People actually like that hideous hairstyle? Well I'll be damned... Sure is a weird world out there.
  3. Summoners QQ about nerf..

    I, for one, welcome the tank "bug" It's bullshit when I, a KFM on full siren gear with an almost perfect aggro rotation, cant hold aggro against a damn cat. It's asinine and annoying when the summoner lets his cat tank when there is a perfectly sentient tank in the party.
  4. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    No, some enemies have different attacks. The chef (assassin) summons a second mini boss if you dont kill her fast enough, that and poison mines appear on the sides from time to time and the Forcemaster is locked in a tiny room, making the AoEs more dangerous, and he also summons some adds.
  5. Although I can see your point, OP. I agree with Strages, the story and characters are medciore and quite frankly, I couldnt care less about them nor would notice if they changed Yura's name to "Breast Mcjuggins Boobers"
  6. Hehehe... Begging for subs in a forum, typical redditor. No thanks, I get my info a news from a less autist-... No, that's a lie, probably an even more autistic source, but at least they are honest about it.
  7. Summoners awaiting!

    ... Are you *cricket*ING kidding me?
  8. Jesus Christ... This is the people who will be partying with us in a few weeks... These entitled lowbies that think other players should give them all the care and tenderness in the world just because they exist. Guess what mate? You dont have money to bid? Too bad. Sell some shit and earn some more money... My god, I bet you will be the type of player who ends up ninja looting later on.
  9. Nerf Stalker boss 4th floor

  10. Mushin Tower 7th floor [Crap KFM PoV]

    Took me 3 tries, but I finally got the skills needed to beat the living crap out of this wanker. Skill set used
  11. Best Soulshield Mixup?!?!?

    Bloodshade 1,3,5,7,8 Mushin 2,4,6 For maximum crit and decent defense.
  12. Chat

    Same on Yehara.
  13. What is iFrame..?

    "Invulnerability frame" Basically dodge skills which means you cant take damage during that period of time. SS retreat is an exampe of it.