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  1. are u serious? that would be like sell 100g for 1 Ncoin.. thats just rediculous, also u can use ur Draken cores for alts still, and if u instead decide to use for Leg gems, then why would u want to need spend insane amountS? u some masochistic type of person?
  2. be smart and mail support, they can revert the upgrade as long as it hasnt been longer then a week ago, and u get back all mats etc, but also only if u havent done that in the past already, since its said to be a one time thing. so if u havent, go and mail support, and upgrade again after the changes ^_~ (EDIT) just saw u already have done once, however given the significant costs for these upgrades, and the short time u did them before changes was announced, i think they will be helping ntl, for the most part support is rather willing to help then sending ppl off, in the end happy
  3. first of, its F5 not F10, and secondly, no they didnt double it, it depends on the items price and how many of that item are registered for sale, if u would care to read the tooltip, it tells u exactly at what quantities the fee is rising
  4. erm no, they did not, i have Alice outfit on both regions, on EU i use it on my SF, on NA on my Sum. there is a reason why i wrote EVERY "once per account" item before this one, because i mean litteraly every single one (not sure how it is with the closed beta outfits tho, i talk about from day 1 of official release onward) the problem is, its bundled with one week of free prem time sadly, if they had cared to give that prem time seperately, it had been no issue i bet, but NC in their wisdom decided to put all in one pack, which as said is a shame and somehow unfair, since ppl g
  5. yes u are right, and sorry if i have missread ur comment, ofc 10k hp is near 1/3rd of 35k-osh HP, my bad, i thought u talked about the current HP we have, and thats usualy not under 100k, even if u go full offensive (when completed the story as we have it right now) and sure, with a perfect party everything is doable, however thats not how 99% of ppl are going to experience it, so its definitly not worth it, that i agree with for sure. my point remains tho that the idea itself had potential if had been executed a bit more reasonable, and with lower overall needed tokens
  6. am i the only one that finds it unfair beyond words that we get every "once per account" item for NA and EU aswell, but this anniversary outfit we have to choose where to claim, and on other region we get the stinky finger? oO srsly what is this!? because theres a week of prem time in the bundle? guess what i dont care for that week, i have 367 days of Prem time banked and dont need it one bit, how about u make the prem time a seperate bundle and this way dont punish players that care more for the fashion then a free week of prem? honestly i was fed up with how often RNG was o
  7. not sure where u have played, but back in the days a 400AP party was decet, with more HP, and without the mobs being buffed, now we are FAR below and they are even stronger then back then... i said it before already, imo the idea was good, and have potential to be fun, but the execution isnt reasonable for the rewards given. and where u learned ur maths? in my books 9500 HP is far off from 2/3rds of my usual 120000 HP, and thats not the issue even, the issue is that we have all item and weapon effects deactivated, same for SS btw, which also would be fine, IF we had actual level 45
  8. im a day 1 player, and know my class very well, and im not a whale, i sit at a hard worked for Raven 3 and 1,1k ap, i know the days when 400ap was good for BSC, and this version of the dungeon is by all means overly hard and unfair.. scaling us to to lower stats ok, but to 9.5k HP and 350-ish AP, with all acc and weapon effects disabled, and on classes that dont have iframes for days, its simply frustrating. its not even scaling us back to 45, that are the stats of a level 35-ish character, and we needed 400AP and more HP back in the day already. my WL isnt weak by any means, i know my way aro
  9. i can sadly only agree, before this patch all ran fine, had near no problems, rarely a crash a day, and sometimes not even that, lag/stutter was fixable with hide other players for a short time but this patch BROKE SOMETHING and that is not just for a few people, alot ppl complain that their FPS drop like stupid, they crash randomly without any pattern to see, different places and times, sometimes in social areas, sometimes when only player near and far.. THERE IS A PROBLEM that was caused with the GUNSLINGER UPDATE and im not willing to renew my yearly sub before i see this ackno
  10. oh ok thx for the pic, sadly have to say tho its realy kinda.. plain -.- well thx for ur efforts ntl =)
  11. will this skin also hold a Gunner version once we get gunner? i would like to buy and keep one for that time, but ofc makes no sense if it will only be useable for the 6 already existing weapontypes we have... so woud realy be thankful for the info if a gunner skin will be available when we open the box after gunner was released?
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