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  1. As you can see, 900+ ping, 1900+ ping, and 0 ping. I'm living in Florida ffs. It was ok 2 months ago, and lately, yesterday.
  2. I'm a returned player, i've quitted this game for a while and now i'm back. Just rolled a new KFM, and my ping is around 120~190 (average 140~150) all time. Sometimes i just stand there and hopelessly watch the mob kill me, but i cant do anything.
  3. The biggest problem now is the ping. I cant believe i'm playing in the US and have to suffer 100+ (normally, sometimes went way up to 200-400) ping...not to mention i have a 150mbps internet... Or has NCsoft made some kind of partnership with WTfast and made this crap ping for us to buy WTFast? I'm from Florida btw.
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