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  1. U can buy them for ingame money ( copper/silver/gold) on marketplace...
  2. Combat Lag (spikes)

    Im realy diasppointed. I have expected that long beta test will eliminate basic issues. But this lag spikes are unforgiveable. While playing KFM they make this class totaly unable to play its especialy frustrating while trying to do Dreadtide Arena...
  3. Assassin or Forcemaster top dps

    Atm FM with propper build is a king of DPS
  4. You can also buy brilliant key and have the weapon from the 1st chest. Dunno whats ur problem
  5. Game-Server Latency Issue Report Thread

    On Hao District lag spikes between 250 to max 350. Playing as KFM is nightmare... Even single random mob can kill you with such lags...
  6. I dont know what the hell is your problem... U can always buy Briliant key, its not expensive if u need weapon from cinderlands zone...
  7. Blade and Lag

    The game sometime lag as hell like today... I dont understand this because if there was long login queues i knew thats the reason. But today playing class like KFM is *Cricketing* impossible.... Doing solo dungeons like Dreadtide Arena is nightmare...
  8. Mushin's Legacy?

    Imagine that situation: The three sages and Yunwa are Party members, u are handling Mushin`s legacy in your hands and like typical ninja looter Log out from the game with it :D
  9. Bots who farm Quartz

    This is POINTLESSSS. NCSOFT is doing nothing against this bots... I remember there was the same on AION. Staff here tells us to report to write tickets etc. But they do nothing... On AION i was reporting the same bot almost 20 times. Still nothing and the same bot was farming over the year... NCSOFT said that there are 1 000 000 players online but i guess more than 500 000 are bots...
  10. I hope NCsoft will also be OK and say "Yes Man", you can change ur soundpack and dont get banned :P
  11. Auto-ban cause of high mail traffic?

    I`ve seen many bots with premium. And was still wondering how the hell is that possible...
  12. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    The last nightmare to prevent bots... Captcha every msg T.T
  13. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Imo they should add option that u need to pay 1 copper per message ( faction or region ). It should be enough to let spam bot write something 5-10 times and then no money on low lvls :) Thats the only way i think will work...
  14. Premium Account

    Btw is that Account Wardrobe or only Character wardrobe? Im also considering to buy premium for this. Also if u can help plz tell me. Those "Premium points" which i get for every spent Ncoin i can exchange em while being premium? So if i buy premium for 950 points for a month i can spend 9500 points for example for outfit? Or it works different as i understand?
  15. Can someone fron NCSOFT clarify this?
  16. What u said is totaly stupid... Logitech Gming Software is a driver, not only for mouse but also headset and many other Logitech devices. If u think its 3rd party software many of us should be easily banned for graphic drivers or for example Geforce Experience...
  17. John have u set macro like whole combo in 1 key? Or just 1 key = 1 skill?
  18. Would be nice if someone from dev team say something here. I also have g602 mouse and Logitech Gaming Software. But didnt used binds yet...
  19. Servers down again?

    If there is no info like "cant connect to the server" u just need to wait. Spam bots are doing their job...
  20. Rifle/Pistol Class?

    I guess u mean her :) I have seen fome movies from KR/Ch B&S and i seen a guy playing that class but dunno very much bout this class, u can see it on this gameplay but as i know its not actualy a class but item that u can use.
  21. Ok i understand those all queues but. Game crashes very often, also sometimes the connection may drop. I cant count times i got disconnected and had to wait in queue. But what can i do when it happen on instance zone? I think characters that recently lost connection should be somehow prioritized to log in because when it happen at last boss its rly annoying... What do u think bout this?