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  1. Hello. i leave this game at 45lvl hang 1. Now i wanna back but so much new content... I not understand now anything... and not remember alot :D, I need help with Fire build. can someone share good pve build for leveling. OFC OFC i check BnsTree but i need and rotation to :) someone can be so nice and help me :D
  2. Hello guys , i return to bs, and i stil 45lvl fm, i what i need skill rotation for this lvl .. cuz my old combo reseted and i not remember it :D
  3. What most active server now??
  4. ahh so sad, just today try new update and what i see, FPS DROP, LAGGG, i cant even play normal, im playing with FM and now cant do combo because fps 5..., but i always get fps drop after all updates, but now its end... Sad.
  5. fps drop to.
  6. after update lagggg, and not for last update, for maybe 2 or 3 update always get fps drops
  7. Yea my to have this problem, But one hour ago i succes login, now cant..