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About ARN1S

  1. Hello guys , i return to bs, and i stil 45lvl fm, i what i need skill rotation for this lvl .. cuz my old combo reseted and i not remember it :D
  2. About servers :)

    What most active server now??
  3. BYE BS

    ahh so sad, just today try new update and what i see, FPS DROP, LAGGG, i cant even play normal, im playing with FM and now cant do combo because fps 5..., but i always get fps drop after all updates, but now its end... Sad.
  4. Need FPS instability fix ASAP

    fps drop to.
  5. after update lagggg, and not for last update, for maybe 2 or 3 update always get fps drops
  6. Failed to connect to the server (200)

    Yea my to have this problem, But one hour ago i succes login, now cant..