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  1. @Hime @Lock6 and EU friends, I will throw a spanner in the works. Im in Australia and have a relatively terrible ping to both NA and EU. However due to the southern cross data cable we almost always have a better ping to NA, so Ive got an an account in NA. I am experiencing EXACTLY the same issue as the EU players in this thread - most specifically that in open world the ping is playable, but in arena the lag is painfully and noticeably worse. I posted this before and other Aussies who replied had exactly the same experience. In the Aussue scenario like me,
  2. i posted last night in this other thread: interesting (but not surprised) to see so many others have the same issue. the irony is that the game runs an order of magnitude better in something like misty woods faction camps where u have an all out mass chaotic brawl with a whole bunch of other players and npc's thrown into the mix... as compared to just a 1v1 in the arena. so why is the arena lagging hard compared to pve? it almost feels like arena is doing some weird peer-to-peer connection rather than to the server
  3. jumped into arena for the first time, and i have exactly the same experience. the lag everywhere else is do-able, but in arena specifically it is VERY bad. to illustrate, as a bm i can fit 2 lmb's after a 2 sec stun move and then launch for an aerial combo. in arena, it was a total mess - i could barely fit ONE lmb and the opponent was already out of stun... without even an escape... let alone another lmb and a launcher. what?! It was obvious right at the start of the first match, the latency was significantly worse than in pve.
  4. only feels this way to players comparing themselves to others in pve. u dont always need to max everything and complete everything asap, the pace is entirely dictated by the player. theres no "energy" or "stamina" system so u know what, those people who can play huge amounts of time will always complete content faster. dont feel pressured to rush everything, new content is great and see it as more options of how to play - even if you "fall behind" as some people are saying (which is just relative to other players) you will get there eventually. thankfully, it doesnt matter at all for the compe
  5. OP's 4 points is very accurate, these farm bot squads are exactly like this and extremely obvious. there are very popular bot spots it seems both out in the open and in dungeons (u see the bots constantly exit and enter a dungeon). need to install some security cameras to find these bot squads
  6. for things like appearance everyone is always going to have their own opinion, and everyone is entitled to that. just be patient theres actually a lot of variety with the clothing as you can find listed on other sites (theres a korean site already linked in an earlier post, or even bnsfashion if you dont want to translate korean). ncwest arent going to throw the entire clothing line at the store in one go, just have to wait for the rotations
  7. I dont think Dochun is the only server with the problem, if you combine the total population of the lowest, say, 4 servers it's probably still lower than mushin. Take a glance over at the NA clan recruitment forum and check the number of posts per server as a non-scientific indication. Wont be accurate but I wouldnt be surprised if real player population correlates nicely with those post numbers. As for bots, theres probably more spam bots in the populated servers since their spam will reach more people before they get spam-banned. But I wouldnt be surprised if there are actually m
  8. For east-coast Australians due to the Southern Cross underwater cable (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Cross_Cable) NA is likely to be a faster ping to any of the Blade and Soul distributors. Also if you pull up Google Maps and zoom all the way out, Taiwan, China, Japan are not exactly neighbors to Australia
  9. WTFast has never been bannable, at least not on purpose. NCSoft don't support any 3rd party products (obviously, as the development is outside their control) so if an update to the game suddenly causes problems to WTFast or other 3rd party programs it won't be their first priority to sort it out. WTFast is basically a VPN and tries to route traffic to the game servers better. Personally from east coast Australia without WTFast I get between 200 to 300 ping, with some random large spikes. With WTFast it is around 160-170 ping, with MUCH less ping spikiness. Note that ser
  10. If anything at least add a filter for buyers to better find the right sized stack. Theres a sort for unit price, so it tells me quickly the cheapest per piece but that doesn't help when I just want ONE of the item rather than 25 of it. As far as I'm aware the only way is to sort by unit price then next-page until you find a single stack listing.
  11. Hoping theres active people on Aussie hours (ie opposite US primetime typically). If so I'd be glad to join. IGN: Missing Piece
  12. A bit off topic, but on the front page of the forum at the moment theres a hilariously titled spam post "mama africa jaja fertility spell caster" or something like that. Idea for a new caster class name?
  13. Just ignore the spam, youre going to have to hit next page a few times more. Dont think the mods would be so blind not to notice. Theyll deal with it when they start their day
  14. In a sea of complaint threads, it's good to see this one =) Old guy on the left has pretty good abs still haha
  15. Maybe just read through this thread I linked to below, there are a number of NCSoft replies in there. It starts off with noting it is a feature of the game, however later (around page 3) indicates the dev team are reviewing it. I think because this is such a hot topic now in the forums it will (ironically) make MORE people aware and abuse this, which in turn will lead to more rage on the forums. I think inevitably they will have to do something about it simply from public opinion.
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