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  1. Blackwyrm no Loot

    We defeated it and got the achievement but no chest drops or offal. how is this possible?
  2. Gold Spammer Location

    id really love to see that, i went to channel 2 and they are not there. i guess its channel 1 is their hangout.
  3. Gold Spammer Location

    Hi, Just want to inform from NCSoft the location of the bots. I think it is much better if they have their own place in the forum where you can put all screenshots or videos for NCSoft to check it from time to time. consistency from the NCSoft team will defeat them.
  4. RNG broken?

    That's what you call RNG, i means it is random.. O.o
  5. I cant chat?

    +1 here.. cant chat also. been waiting for this to get fix after the recent maintenance
  6. its not accurate! actually i haven't subscribe to that. so its more than that. probably others are just lazy to take care of things like that. just like me. its more than that. please do create a Sea server
  7. Unable to open Wardrobe after maintenance/patch

    any updates on this issue? its inconvenient for us who has premium..
  8. Banned for no reason.

    you dont know what you are talking about, lets say you will go to a different place, so you mean you have to bring your computer just for you not to get ban.. haha!
  9. i have seen alot of videos where the Escape Menu list (lower right icon with BS) always appear. How can i do the same?
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    i played games before where they have this 3 seconds or 2 seconds chat interval, they should bring it up here or maybe those who spam automatically mute for 5 mins.