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  1. I'm having the same issue. Horrible FPS since patch. Game is unplayable.
  2. Feels worse to me. Getting 20-30FPS open world with optimize for combat on (about 50FPS if I'm not moving - drops to 10 or lower during combat occasionally). I used to play at nearly max settings.
  3. Yes my FPS has tanked recently! Turning players off and using optimize for combat mode doesn't even help. Never had to use these settings a couple weeks ago. Freezes + FPS drops = game unplayable. I've tried every optimization guide I've found and nothing works.
  4. Thanks for sharing this! Subbed to this channel now...
  5. I was hoping that you posted this here too! Again, I have never had any intention of renewing my subscription. I subbed to avoid the queues. I see no value in spending money to remove needless restrictions. No matter how annoying they may be.
  6. So soon too. I thought we might get at least a year, but the new MMO model of high short-term gains followed by the inevitable shutdown of the game seems to be working fast.
  7. I've seen many games destroyed by P2W and cash grabs. RNG boxes are usually the first horseman of the apocalypse.
  8. They've gotta know how terrible the English voice acting is. I mean the quality of half of the recordings is worse than what I get with my $5 microphone from wally world... I'd like to see if a mod at least jumps in here to shut it down. If not, then this might be "silently approved."
  9. Submitted a support ticket and found out that this is a "known issue" and is being worked on!
  10. Yeah no, that isn't the subreddit we are on. BTW the BnS subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul) is much more functional than these forums and has a few ncsoft employees around.
  11. Are we really not able to add/chat with friends from different servers or is this a bug? I can look up my friends' characters info pages just fine, but I can't add them to my friends list. We have cross-server dungeons and PvP... I don't understand why cross-server friends list and chat wouldn't be a feature.
  12. They don't have tooltips. What do they do?
  13. Yeah I'd be happy if I could even add people from different servers to my friends list (and whisper them)... The friends list is tied to your NCSOFT ID, correct? So there should be no problem adding based on that ID?
  14. Every single MMO I have ever played, besides GW2, has always been 1:1. You purchase one outfit, you can use it on one character at a time. Our issue is that we are not able to transfer those outfits between our characters. My suggestion is in no way functionally worse nor tremendously more expensive than what we currently have. It is merely what nearly every other game out there does.
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