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  1. I'm trying to understand your point. Are the new dungeons too hard to understand? Do you not have enough personal time to do the dungeon? Give me a TLDR because I'm getting a mix of points in your original post. I noticed you mentioning pets and other mats for upgrades. Those don't really mean anything if you don't understand the mechanics of the dungeon you're trying to clear with that said upgrade. If you haven't noticed, starting from Asura, all the new purple dungeons have AP buffs from the mechanics. If by chance the reason for it being too hard is because of the lack of knowledgeable people to play with, that's normal for any release of new content. The pace at which content comes out shouldn't weigh on this since newer dungeons tend to be harder and build upon your knowledge of past dungeons. The game has been teaching everyone how to play your class with each dungeon release. It went from mindless zerging of trash mobs to field bosses with simple mechanics to dungeons with harder mechanics.
  2. Come on NC just make the 4 quests in windrest the DC everyday. Everything else is too bloody hard and not worth the time.
  3. Their stories with "Draken neck"

    No necklace here but I've only ran and completed about 20 runs (I barely play these days). I don't want the necklace to be handed to me but like some have mentioned the RNG is horrid for some people. Maybe they can implement a token / coin / fragment system for this but still have rng included. For instance, if you got a token included in the box for each kill and you can use 10 tokens and trade to merchant for an rng box with an additional chance to get it. This wouldn't remove the rng to this but would increase your odds with more chances.
  4. It doesn't need to be mandatory. If a person dies to poison, they're likely to die from other mechanics of the fight. Obviously it would help if everyone did have antidotes but it's not necessary for every person. If a 700+ ap person can face tank 3-4 flowers and not die, why force that person to buy antidotes? There's no perfect solution to this but it shouldn't be mandatory since it's mainly a pug issue.
  5. Faster Leveling ?

    The Wolves are below the northern reach town. You can cycle through the 2 channels but the exp will stop once you hit hm 10. The only place left is Frostscale Basin and the southern part of beast bog. The mobs from those areas have low to mid hp so you can clear them quickly with some aoes. The newer areas like twisted grimhold has mobs with 200k more hp for the same exp.
  6. One of the worst mmorpgs I've ever played.

    You seem pretty naive when it comes to this game. You do little to no research but spend time complaining about things that could be resolved after a few minutes of searching. Go google the crafting transformation stone issue you're having and tell us how long it took you to get the answer.
  7. Tower of Infinity Rewards Rigged

    80+ boxes here and not a single 2 or 4 but I didn't make a thread about it
  8. Nerfed FL 13 ticket drop?

    I have too many, I haven't seen flr 9-11 in weeks. I mange 1 per run and 2 every 3-4 runs. I stack is at a steady 20-22 tickets week after week.
  9. Why is his hp still different

    People were able to do it on the first day of SF release with mid 400 ap to low 500. They reduced the hp by ~25% and kept the same enrage timer so why does it need to be even easier? If you want everything to be like tw/cn/jp then I would suggest playing on those servers.
  10. I dont get WWV...

    The point of the map is not kills, it's capture. All you need to do is capture a point and hold it. This is why defense (regular and crit) matters so heavily in this map. Once you have enough defense you can forever hold a point. If you have 2 or more competent people who stay put and can defend a their point you will likely win.
  11. Did a small test on Narrows

    Stuff like this wouldn't be an issue if there were more options when creating a dungeon lobby. Options such as level requirements and/or indicators that x lobby is for speed runs, multi runs or first time runs would greatly reduce a lot of stress and speed up lobby times.
  12. WWV and tag match, multiple scommuners

    now add a soul fighter into the mix :D
  13. IMO, it's fine. Once you get past 15+ runs, it becomes pretty simple in 6 man so the difficulty isn't a factor. In those runs, you'll be lucky to get the perfect SS so you'll be running this any way until you do. While doing that, you're getting stone of wisdoms which are still worth a few gold or you'll need a few for this necklace and likely other legendaries later. Then you have the 100 and 300 achievement for more AP. After all of that you have a chance to get the best possible necklace in the game.
  14. I've been playing wwv since the event and have roughly ~30 matches completed and about to hit 1600. When I check my overall rank with everyone else, it doesn't say where I'm placed. Is this a bug or am I not high enough to even rank on the list?
  15. Necklace 6 man v 4 man drop rate

    Good ol Shugi. I saw the stream when it was sub 20's and after 3-4 hours of wipes i had to stop for the night. I got randomly placed against shugi last night on 6v6, that wasn't fun lol