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  1. Show off your Lyn Gunner Preset!!

    Yo if we're legit getting Lyn Gunslinger I'm checking it out. I wanted to main something on the Lyn race (Too attach to adorb things.) Issue was I wanted to try Gunslinger, but no access to it made me choose Warlock instead. I'ma make the best Gunslinging Lyn anyone's ever seen.
  2. an annoying login thing

    Because instead of asking why the verified spot isn't verified in a ticket where a person with support can get it, or instead of putting it where we can catch bugs, we instead want to put it in GD. Also, if you've missed it, they've replied to plenty of people on issues here. So clearly they aren't doing the, "ignore customer blah blah blah" crap you spit out.
  3. Server Down?

    Guys it's up again already.
  4. I don't know. How do we knock up Gon's so easily? I think we're good enough to jump up onto your face.
  5. While were at it though can we give KFM to Lyn? Imagine that furball beating your face in.
  6. I'm about to summarize that cute thing called, "The Terms of Service" you agree to every time you log in. You do not own your account. You do not own anything purchased with said account. They are simply allowing you onto their property. They can kick you off at ANY time, WITH or WITHOUT any reason for it, and WITH or WITHOUT alerting you ahead of time. So basically you don't own your account. Companies can cut the tie at any point, and they say with or without reason so that when servers go down, you can't go sue happy on them. At the same time, they are a business, and banning people randomly is obviously bad for them. They don't take action onto an account unless there is a found reason for it. The, "innocent til proven guilty" complaint doesn't work here, as we've agreed to this via a contract every time we play the game. Provided what happened was false, which they won't look into unless you ask them to, they will return your account and remove any penalty received for it. The system isn't perfect. There is no perfect system.
  7. I personally just couldn't imagine Gon having it. I don't know why, just doesn't fit as well in my mind.
  8. Some have. Some haven't. A few minutes wouldn't count honestly. I have. I had my account since BC and stopped in Warlords. Not everyone has. You cannot prove everyone has played WoW.
  9. Its time for the Ultimate Race question :D

    Lyn. You can't say no to the small cute furball.
  10. Popularity?

    It's free. You won't lose anything by trying it out yourself. The only thing server effects is world PvP (Not instanced pvp), everything else can be done through queuing up through a system. So even if your server's dead everything can be done. just as well, minus world pvp.
  11. Is this pay to win

    There are benefits to using real money, but it is not required. A lot of the things you can get with real money too can be obtained at cap with Hongmoon coins, which you get by using Ventures (rare drop from dailies) to convert your in game money into the coins. You never have to spend a penny to catch up with people. The most Pay 2 Win thing is to send mail you need to spend an Ncoin, but that was mostly to try and deter bots.
  12. Servers just get pooped on?

    Couldn't use skills. Monters hit me even from half the map away and I died. So not just you.
  13. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Unsure if detail will be accepted here or not.
  14. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Well, as just a fun fact, there is a way for females to get each other pregnant, but the offspring will be a female. So maybe that. I don't know.
  15. RNG has killed my character.

    On my assassin I literally got the key to get exactly what I wanted without spending any real money. All I did was my questline. Sure, it's more RNG there, but if you can't get it by 16 you not only can buy it then, but you also can sell all those weapons you just mentioned.