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  1. NA is already different from KR. I know all too well that even if they took my idea the change would take time. Its just an idea. They have control of that stuff I don't. As far as I know KR still has the old weapon/accessory system. I posted this as a suggestion. They have control over if they wanna do something about it. That is what forums are for, a place for the players to complain/give the devs feedback on changes they made. This is my feedback.
  2. The new accessory changes shaft new players pretty hard. The fact that we no longer have access to hongmoon accessories puts new players a massive disadvantage. The AP and CRIT loss from True Yeti/True Boss/True Scorpio. Pinnacle is only good for content up to Shattered Mast. Pinnacle is fine up to that point. BUT after that pinnacle is shate. They are a good sub for earlier dungeons, but beyond that, they are trash (accept the bracelet, the bracelet is pretty good). HOW NCSOFT SHOULD HAVE MADE THE ACCESSORY CHANGE> What I believe NCSOFT should have done AND should sti
  3. I wanna hear the names without laughing my ass off
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