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  1. What NCSOFT should so with accessories

    NA is already different from KR. I know all too well that even if they took my idea the change would take time. Its just an idea. They have control of that stuff I don't. As far as I know KR still has the old weapon/accessory system. I posted this as a suggestion. They have control over if they wanna do something about it. That is what forums are for, a place for the players to complain/give the devs feedback on changes they made. This is my feedback.
  2. The new accessory changes shaft new players pretty hard. The fact that we no longer have access to hongmoon accessories puts new players a massive disadvantage. The AP and CRIT loss from True Yeti/True Boss/True Scorpio. Pinnacle is only good for content up to Shattered Mast. Pinnacle is fine up to that point. BUT after that pinnacle is shate. They are a good sub for earlier dungeons, but beyond that, they are trash (accept the bracelet, the bracelet is pretty good). HOW NCSOFT SHOULD HAVE MADE THE ACCESSORY CHANGE> What I believe NCSOFT should have done AND should still do, is to make Ivory accessories upgradeable and the LVL 1 ivory accessories equivalent to LVL 1 Awaken Oathbreaker then just continue on the old accessory upgrade path up to True Boss. This way new players can still hit endgame. The pinnacle was a good idea, but it screws new players who wanna do harder dungeons where players ask for 700+ AP to get into (you don't need 700+ for Deso and Citadel) because we don't have the Gems/Accessories to even get to 650+ with just True Ivorymoon. You could just tell us to farm for legendary weapon but that only gives you a 7 or 8 AP boost from True Ivorymoon. I know people will probably give me shit because with this idea it will still cost you 500g+ or something, I didn't do the math, and say "is so hard to get 500g". To those people who don't wanna it will take you maybe 2 weeks if you purple train everyday on 1 character. i would much rather have to upgrade Awaken Oathbreaker and upgrade that to True Yeti than having to upgrade BASE Hongmoon accessories all the way up to True Yeti because that will cost me A LOT MORE GOLD.
  3. Lag

    Im actually not lagging. bet everyone else i know is
  4. Lag

    Had better connection on Moonlight blade at 9pm PST
  5. Can we bind SS to a single key so we don't have spam it 20 times to back step
  6. Cerulean Discord Server (Soha)

    Here is the Discord server for us Cerulean on Soha .
  7. Cerulean Discord Server

    Hey guys here is the Cerulean Discord server <----this also works
  8. So. The clan stats Rank 4 42 members as of 2/16 Daily 24man Poh and NightShade everyday and 6-4 man Poh (When people want to do it) Play-by-ear. We havent really run BSH because of the enraged timer. But some members run it a lot You can join the discord to ask more questions. Its easier to respond to :p
  9. Alright. My discord name is 李俊傑 (2D). just drop me a PM when ever. and as long as you log 1-3 times a week min your GOOD
  10. Yes we are. enter the link in discord and well get you invited
  11. costumes. we need costumes.

    I want now
  12. There is this first-person bug that fixes itself sometimes but 90% you have to return to character selection to fix it. I would mind it as it is annoying but the ques in this game make it rq worthy. I'm happy I'm not on Jiwan because man their ques are crazy long. There are also some quest bugs and otherthings we players need to contact a GM in-game to fix. But idk how or even if there is a "Contact a GM function". Plz look in to this. all the things wrong with this game will make your player-base go down a lot after the first month. I love this game but stupid bugs like this ruin the game for me.
  13. THis got a person from NCSOFT to respond lmao. the message is...What this guy is saying is your RNG system is messed up.
  14. Streaming With Xspit Issues

    Its fixed now. idk what was the issue
  15. Streaming With Xspit Issues

    I did the game-gaurd or something kicks me out