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  1. seriously?? (outfit challenge)

    where do i see other costume designs?
  2. Well first of all I don't spend much time playing games, so I want some mediocre chilly weapon upgrade path but still be viable in endgame dungeons but I don't know which path to choose. So far I've asked fraction chat which should be my starting weapon and the answer was baleful but later on one suggested to me that I should have gone Seraph since Riftwalk is better than DawnForge and after upgrade to Raven. Is this correct? and what are your opinions? Thanks.
  3. What crafting professions should I choose as a beginner? and which ones are the best in terms of money making?
  4. can't level to 55?

    I was like that I had to start from act 5 but I didn't see the light blue xp bar till I reached act 8 quests.
  5. Hello I decided to start playing blade and soul after a long break and the first thing I noticed was the new server "jinsoyun" I guess there was a server merge but then I looked up there were only 3 servers left and I wanna know why so many people left the game that they had to leave only 3 server? and is bns still worth to play? and what is the population?
  6. Hello, I have not played blade and soul for too long time and I remember that my favorite class was Blademaster. Here and there I tried to find information about current blademaster and most of them were saying that now fire build is far greater than lighting build, after reading this I was kind of disappointed because I loved lighting build more than fire (visually). But those sources were 6~ month old. I would like to know if there have been any changes to lighting build since then? and how is lighting bm right now? will I be kicked/ not welcomed in party if I use lighting build?
  7. Returning Player

    Hello i am coming back to blade and soul so just curious in what state the game is right now?
  8. Profile picture

    well i have seen many ppl with there own profile pics and i tried to do it but without result :S so can anyone tell me how to use my own pic as a profile please?
  9. bot problem solution

    well i know what your mean farming stingers right? well running dung 2 times average it takes 30min~ so from 2 run let only one player get the lost after you finish that player keeps his part and gives rest to p2. p2 keeps his part and gives rest to p3 and so on :S. yea my idea was a bit harsh and i said it without realizing it fully but nvm that part about trading. anyway why not you to give us few ideas
  10. bot problem solution

    because they dont know when or where costumer will be rl factors comes in play here and with just email they can send gold anytime they want plus if bots provide 300+ players with gold daily with just email when it will be disabled yea u are right they can trade but it will be much more harder to provide items and gold to their costumers. and also you gave me a brilliant idea. making trading interval 30 min long. if they trade once they can trade again only after 30min (account wise so they couldnot change character) . but they can change account but with the help of community and reporting these bots who holds gold and banning them which means forever lost few k gold. yea it might not completely kill bots but decrease its population
  11. bot problem solution

    Pardon my english mistakes >< how to solve bot problem? simple, just disable mail system completely dont allow to send anything gold/soulstones/stingers/costumes any item to anyone VIA MAIL EXCEPT, those characters that are on senders Account. so this means that bots wont be able to send gold/items to their buyers. so they have to either Trade player (which i think is impossible to provide gold to their costumes that way. if they will, still this will make bot population decrease) or cooperating with their costumers by putting overpriced item in Auction house so then bot could buy it (this doesnot seem to work because some people may put overpriced item and bot buy it and real costumer will be scamed alot ppl will avoid buying gold that way which means less buyers for boters). but there is a solution for this too, make AH same as currency exchange to prevent overpricing items. P.s please share your opinion, no need to flame just tell us your ideas and also please make this thread alive.
  12. I use sturdy illusion glacial sword looks like this my character is also while-yellow-black style and this weapon fits it best
  13. Small dragon certificate

    do faction?
  14. I completely don't understand what you but I think you mean that if player A makes 50bots and farms 1440g day and transfers to original A character and then sell to ppl. well disabling mail system gold sending will became more harder because they will have to trade with player instead of sending gold in 2 sec for 30 ppl from one place even when player is offline so less buyers :V . oh I got an idea xd BOT Hunt just make outlaw system like in Tera if u see bots farming terrors/or low lvl world bosses just kill em lel
  15. if bots wont be able to send gold/items to gold buyers via mail then there will be no need for bots to farm dungeons