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  1. where do i see other costume designs?
  2. Well first of all I don't spend much time playing games, so I want some mediocre chilly weapon upgrade path but still be viable in endgame dungeons but I don't know which path to choose. So far I've asked fraction chat which should be my starting weapon and the answer was baleful but later on one suggested to me that I should have gone Seraph since Riftwalk is better than DawnForge and after upgrade to Raven. Is this correct? and what are your opinions? Thanks.
  3. What crafting professions should I choose as a beginner? and which ones are the best in terms of money making?
  4. I was like that I had to start from act 5 but I didn't see the light blue xp bar till I reached act 8 quests.
  5. Hello I decided to start playing blade and soul after a long break and the first thing I noticed was the new server "jinsoyun" I guess there was a server merge but then I looked up there were only 3 servers left and I wanna know why so many people left the game that they had to leave only 3 server? and is bns still worth to play? and what is the population?
  6. Hello, I have not played blade and soul for too long time and I remember that my favorite class was Blademaster. Here and there I tried to find information about current blademaster and most of them were saying that now fire build is far greater than lighting build, after reading this I was kind of disappointed because I loved lighting build more than fire (visually). But those sources were 6~ month old. I would like to know if there have been any changes to lighting build since then? and how is lighting bm right now? will I be kicked/ not welcomed in party if I use lighting build?
  7. Hello i am coming back to blade and soul so just curious in what state the game is right now?
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