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  1. market is always down for me

    recently i have installed a new windows on my pc but somehow after installing it .. i cant access marketplace in BnS please help
  2. hello there , why don't you make legendary accessories tradable via Achievement NPC .. for example players must have 1800 achievement Pts + paying 100 Gold + 300 Naryu Silver .. please : ) IT WOULD BE FAIR :P
  3. How is the game population?

    - Hello there, - Lately i started to wonder . what is the wrong with BnS ? , why the game seems like so dead ! , and when i asked my clan-mates , they said * what do you mean with a dead game ? * and i started to mention a couple of reasons , to prove my Viewpoint also i don't mind to share them with you guys .. maybe someone else can prove to me that this game isn't a dead game yet . anyway lets start it 1- Long waiting for the dungeons ! . As its known BnS got like 11 running servers ! and actually i don't know how many players does they contain of , also As its known F8 which is the dungeons lobby where all the players of these 11 servers should meet to start doing dungeons ! So , Yeah ! lets not mention the too low dungeons and lets start from Ebondrake the blue dung , Ebon Hall , poh , BloodSHade , Naryu , Lair and Necro which i Wait more than 10 mins To find a party to do them ! and thats rare because the most of the time i don't find any party and i just log out , Till gloomdross incursion and others new purple dungs Which some people starting to complain about , like how boring they are and they don't love doing the boring things . So shortly if the game own 11 servers and you barely can find a party to start doing your dailies ... thats explain so much ... 2- the power hunger ! , Undoubtedly everyone in BnS is seeking for the power , Even i but some of people are doing it in very wrong way , SO i am laughing because BnS said we will ban any one sell or buy The Golds which give an unfair advanced progress for these players who buy the Golds from the bots . but BnS let me tell something , i already know TONS of players paid their cash to have that an unfair advanced progress . also i let you know BnS that your game became toooooooo rushy ! , The abysses between the players are getting bigger now ! and so much players are left behind because simply they don't have to be hardcore players too. 3- Clans system ! , I don't think its the worst clan system i ever had but it miss a lot of features . like Giving every clan a base , where the leader can gather the members and start doing some dailies inside the base , or Come on its a martial arts game so how there are no Clans wars . and if someone will say you can pvp or use the arena ,, let me reply this someone in advanced and say , Dude i am crimson and in windrest Cerulean got a low membership also i will not beg to someone to wear his cerulean outfit so i can pvp with him , and about the arena ,, you can't force the players to join there since a lot of players doesn't love to go there , Also it seems every clan has like a 10 members who are doing everything together and when you ask them for help ,,, they ignore or say sorry we are busy farming like nerds and our group is full , Note : they are the same group everyday . so nothing will change . so clans became just nothing but chatting system . 4-Communication & Knowledge system , shortly people doesn't connect well there ,, and if u meet someone now who is making the same dungeon with u ,after you both finish you even forget what was his name ! and when you start to explain some Dungeons mechanics for someone he start to be impatient or act rudely and in the end The Dungeon's boss wipe us , and sadly game is adding more contents when the people still getting wiped in yeti .. idk if i should blame the players or the game lol - sorry for my bad English too
  4. WhateverCore || Windrest || PvX || Cerulean

    okay leader ! . i am just re-downloading BnS again .. so it may take a time until i join the game back .. because my last HDD was fried :D :D so i bought a new one &i need to re-download all games once again :( :(
  5. WhateverCore || Windrest || PvX || Cerulean

    hello bro ! i want to join your clan .. but i dont find any applying section on the website .. any help please ?
  6. The Arena

    Blade dancer isn't cancer , but he is the weakest class for now at the high ranking ..once when you get 1700 points everything changes upside down . and seriously blade dancers now can't stand any fight .. because of these coming reasons below :- 1- Blade dancer has 2 approach skills for * Air Combo * + Grab Phantom + Lightning Draw + Z as shield + Tab for spinning 2- i am Against * spin to win * i never spin to win ,i love to stand up and fight as man better than a noob who keep spinning for some ranking up 3-Blade dancer Vs Kung fu master : , i love to call this fight ( Shit just Got real ) because kung fu can escape every single grab phantom +evading my lightning draw LMB + he can spam a skill which can counter my approaching skills and the most funniest thing having only Tab skill to escape his every daze and knocking.. also every hit at him.. can be only .. evade .. evade .. evade .. evade .. evade . 4- Force master Vs blade dancer : someone who keep canceling my approaching skills and make me waste my focus points by spinning like Idiot and keep chilling me , freezing and pushing me every time i get close to him with Lightning draw * Tiny target range * and if i finally got him . he just cast his healing skills and i find myself just F**ked and all skills falling in Cooldown . and also has big chance to escape phantom. 5-Blade dancer Vs Warlock : NO COMMENT LOL .... resist resist resist resist resist resist resist resist ... & has chance to escape phantom . 6-Blade master Vs blade dancer : its not a big deal but otherwise Blade master keep spaming block skill while i have got only one skill to cancel defensive skills of the enemy tho it has a long cooldown which also make me not able to cast any approach skills because he will block it simply ^^ . 7- Blade dancer vs Summoner : the battle starts with summoner sending the cat then i grab it and throw away then i start to air combo him and it seems like i am going to win but no . the summoner just started to use his defensive skills which has key ( 3 ) on the keyboard and when he does that he can be stealth + speed movement then he go to stand up beside his cat to force me waking up it then the shit start and i start to cast all my skills in all mess way sometimes on cat sometimes on him .. even pulling him ( V ) then using lightning draw ( C ) became not useful anymore as he can jump back and escape and ofc he can send the cat to save him if i use grab on him . 8- Destroyer Vs blade dancer : i love to fight against destroyers because it depend on who is faster than the another one ! so i don't find a big problem facing destroyers . i just need to be faster than him and more aggressive . 9- Blade dancer Vs assassin : i don't do anything , i just go afk because simply i cant fight someone who i can't see , always his stealth makes my approach skills are useless and he can escape every single grab and when i pull him with V to spam lightning draw on him * pooof * the screen turns white so to kill an assassin i need to be spinning nerd ! 10- Blade dancer Vs Blade dancer : same as in destroyer fighting .. the one who go more aggressive will be the winner . 11- so summary : if my approach skills are useless because ( FM can cancel them , Destroyer & KFM can deflect them , BM can block then Warlock comes to resist them also assassins who can be stealth 24/7 ) , if my grab phantom is surely escaped by ( KFM , Assassin , FM , and Summoners ) , if my Lightning draw needs a proper time and distance to be used and its almost evaded by ( summoners ., KFM . FM . assassins and Warlock ) , If all my skills have the longest cool-down in the entire game SO what blade dancers are standing for ? because if the spinning should beThe blade dancer pvp style .. then LET ALL BLADE DANCERS go to the hell .. because thats really not funny .. if i don't want to spin should i lose ? then why Blade & soul is giving me the others skills .. they should remove them and replace 'em with one big button ( TAB ) .. but what should i say .. it seems like every class can be abused and most of them are assassins and summoners and destroyers and if u don't believe me guys .go and check up ranking table its the proof that blade dancer is the weakest class in the game .. Fail DPS , Long Cooldown and very very easy skills to counter .. since i have to focus until i sweat to use the spinning at the most proper time to counter the assassins or kungFu masters .
  7. and who have told u that we are patient ?!

    sure i hope ^^
  8. and who have told u that we are patient ?!

    hahah it was typo .. u are a good lawyer .. but i edited it so u can't complain ^^
  9. and who have told u that we are patient ?!

    thanks for telling this in polite way .. i appreciate it !
  10. and who have told u that we are patient ?!

    @ThatPlayer hello another lawyer :3 ,, let me count u guys please
  11. Youmukon , the community manager ! just posted this a few mins ago... - Greetings everyone, The maintenance has now started and all Blade & Soul servers are now unavailable for approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes. Thank you again for your patience. - --- well well well .. patience .. yes ! indeed :) .. but let me tell u something really quick ! - taking servers everyday down for 4 hours ! . - queue ! -bugs that ruining the game -gold spam and now they own the market ! - the lawyers ( and they are the kids who fill that forums and keep acting like lawyer who defend on NCSOFT and keep insult us but also they tell us to go and pay for NCSOFT because we are cheap asses ! even they may reply this post now and tell me * why u can't wait ? just give the game one month and stop complaining ) -expansive Teleporting and traveling -bid system is nice ! but so many kids are abusing it .. and even tho they bid on ur weapon which they don't need to just make you pay .. and if u will refuse to pay .. u gotta run more runs and waste your times ... -fees to receive my craft mats which i already payed slivers to craft them ? lol come on ! - very few mobs in the whole map ? and only two channels available ? so are u trying to make us having queue to log in and another queue to do our quests ! ? - do Like Swordsman online game ( add Clans wars ! ) and try to get lower with the portals ! .. tho in swordsman i can jump everywhere ! -new weird bug keep disconnecting people every two- ten mins after logging in ? - delaying with log in queue ? because simply when more premiums come in .. they delay our non premiums queue ! like its our fault to be #80 but i have 120 mins ... because there are #500 premiums ! LOOOL - lock the crowd servers ! .. adding more servers will not fix anything .. because as long as windrest is ON ... so many people will never hesitate to cancel their trips in the another servers and go to join windrest ! i don't have much to say ! .. but you can feel free guys to add more points ... in polite way to just convince them that we are losing our patience ! also feel free to talk about this game cons and pros ! ... just waste ur time we have got 5:30 waiting :D :D :D patience ! ha ! :D
  12. Please Refund me Dear NCSoft

    try to go to MSCONFIG ( run as admin ) then services and check Hide all microsoft services ,,, Then click on disable all then restart the router and then computer ... they told me to do this but i am in queue waiting my turn to test the solution
  13. Queue is BS!!!

    i mean the number is increased ! creating more servers ! isn't solution .. but locking the full servers ! is a solution .. cus as long as the famous servers are opened .. i will not hesitate to leave my current server to join them ! but opps there is a long queue .. then i say * mommy do u have 15 euro for me ? then she say .. why ? .. then i say : school donation xD ) .. thats how its working now ... since 4 days ,, the premium queue was only 45 or 50 max .. not its up to 1000 ! i think thats explain my ( school donation theory ! )
  14. Queue is BS!!!

    They must lock windrest ! as long as windrest is opened ! this mean the people who didn't love to join another server except windrest ..they will come back windrest with premiums to skip the crowd ! thanks i know i am right .. its a trap nscoft is making .. to create a hype among of people ... by making windrest is opened so people can drool and buy premium to join