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  1. Skills not working on airborne targets HELP

    I couldn't find any explanation for this issue.. which makes me believe the skills are not available because the lag is in the way.. I never had this issue before the Mushin Tower release.
  2. What "promised" Moonwater Transformation Stones? Where is that written thats going to happen?
  3. Unsealing Charm

    You are better off just selling those mats and use that money to buy unsealing charms from general merchant. (like Lexy points out) Is there any craft that you can profit with? I'm yet to see a decent one that doesn't require a lot of work and spending to gain anything profitable... it either depends on soulstones or some super expensive item from merry potters..
  4. Unsealing Charm

    Right now its actually more expensive to craft unsealing charms than buying directly from merchant.
  5. Few Questions about the game updates

    Sorry for the triple post, someone delete since i can't it seems.
  6. Few Questions about the game updates

    I wonder how the exp will work when both levels need to be increased..
  7. Few Questions about the game updates

    I wonder how the exp will work when both levels need to be increased..
  8. Few Questions about the game updates

    And what happens when the level cap is increased to 50? or is this "Hongmoon level 5" considered lvl50?
  9. BNS Became P2W !

    Okay.. at first it seems the Currency Exchange is the current BnS devil.. but look closely to the changes it made: - It made the bot life a lot harder because now people will resort to the Currency Exchange instead of the meanie bots; - It gave you the possibility to buy items from the store without spending any money for it. To note, I have money to buy items from the store but I find it more challenging to just get the gold and feel the effort in getting the gold in game and sell it for Hongmoon Coins. So not all players will spend 1000 GBP to top up.. those usually are too newbies to play this game anyway. - It gave a new way for NCSoft to get more money.. since other players are paying the items you want trading for gold. You guys need to know that money needs to come from somewhere and i doubt just cosmetic selling will make enough money for NCSoft.. to be honest there isn't much stuff in the store which sounds appealing to me. So, seeing this statements I don't think its a P2W game.
  10. Okay.. first thing this game was designed to be played by humans and not by a crappy computer program. Don't forget bots are consuming server resources and no company want senseless bots which give no money to them. Also, for the players, there are some serious issues which bots destroy: - Increases the chances of server lags and glitches from them flooding the server (massive chat flooding, bot instance farming,..); - Most crafting/gathering professions are useless because its actually cheaper just to sell the raw mats then making the crafts.. its ridiculous; - Bots are now flooding the pvp arenas (they are even gold ranked!!) So please stop supporting companies that give no value to anyone, either be the company selling the game which gives us new updates that costs money (bots don't pay the costs of updating the game) nor the players that get affected by the awful markets, server lag and pvp arenas.. And I can't even believe in China they legalized it.. its clearly against the rules of usign third party programs that give more advantage over other players. This reminds me of a game from perfect world international.. Jade Dinasty which everyone could be bots.