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  1. [ Fix ] E02018 Error

    well lets start with a quote from Here: and it worked pretty well , so let's start . Download BnS_Lite_Installer & NC-LauncherSetup Install Bns Lite and start it Go to the NCLauncher folder[C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher] and click Disinstall Reboot your PC Install NC-Launcher and start it from the BnS Icon on the dekstop as admin Download the torrent patch Download the patch using torrent Put the Downloaded folder[called Zip] inside the folder $Patch$ (inside the NCLauncher folder) Start the BnS Icon on the dekstop as admin now the installer should check the files , after that the installation will start. Have Fun~ Im lazy but if needed i can put some screens too(but not today :P)
  2. well i'v done my magic , it works. Here the tutorial
  3. Well for what i can see the installer use torrent protocol for the download, i had and still have the E02018 problem(one every 2 minute). soooo this is my solution(mayabe :P) , cause i noticed the torrent protocol now im downloading via utorrent the patch files(i need only 20% more and i can tell you if it works well) , after the download is finished i simply have to put the files in the download folder of the installer and it should run well . if it works i'll do a tutorial , then cross your fingers guys~