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  1. Live now! Kung-Fu Master on Soha

    Hey guys and gals! Im live streaming Blade & Soul right now! Come by say hello and if you find your self enjoying the content feel free to drop us a follow and chat! http:/
  2. New Streamer Looking For Support!

    I also stream I tossed ya a follow, I will try to come by and check it out soon! my Twitch name is SupraFreak98
  3. Server down or crashed ?

    Soha login server is also down. But my friends are still playing as they were logged in before this occurred.
  4. So I have been rolling back and forth with NCSOFT Support about why my connection would become interrupted, They were unable to successfully help me resolve my issue, so a friend and I took matters into our own hands and have come to find that me disabling DMZ mode in my router/modem has solved my connection time out error that I had been consistently experiencing. Hope this may help some of you others that are having the same or similar problems. I am based out of the USA not sure if this is an applicable fix for EU clients. You can also come and see me playing this game on twitch.