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  1. I NEED HELP Please

    yeah um using da lite one and whats an earlier V and if i update them will it work and u could really help if u send me a link to how to update my drivers im using intel and no i did not get errors or crashes its just stuck there spinning and how do i launch the game via client im sorry if im annoying you
  2. I NEED HELP Please

    btw i have an intel core 2 and when i saw the requirements it said it can run it
  3. I NEED HELP Please

    i just did
  4. I NEED HELP Please

    and no it does no crash
  5. I NEED HELP Please

    like ive been waiting for about 45 mins now
  6. So i have been having this problem where i launch my game and it would just get stuck on here PLEASE HELP ME