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  1. well if speak about static dps. kfm>sin>guner. Btw Sf is cool class, if u dont like pvp 1x1. If u want easy way with pleasure, cose other class. And sf dont have normal range dps, so he is melee(
  2. hm... i can said u suck at pvp... im warlock , can reach plat ( this season) if not over bored and have time, cuz have many chrsters. so good fm - yeah its only pretty op enemy against wl, but belive me, tehre is not a lot of good fms :) for some fms u better use time warp and DC. for some is better soulburn and helix( mostly). just seek what escapes does it have :) kfm, may be u stop sitting under you're thrall?:) it can pulls and stun, its can save u from grab or get extra controll but this doesnot make u to give a freee iframes to kfm. only a few kfm have good skill
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