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  1. Hello guyz, 1. How to check my ping ingame? DO I need some 3rd party prorgam for it? Which one? 2. Is using wtfast, battleping, pingzapper and other crap bannable or not? I think before people were getting banned or account locked for using it but not sure. Thank you for your time.
  2. Legendary Weapon - Upgrade path

    OMG thank you a lot ! I ran goom 4-men for 3rd ot 4th time and ebony lynblade dropped. lelz
  3. Legendary Weapon - Upgrade path

    I looked at it. I guess medal of honor = Bravery token? 1. Are breakthrough weapons same for Baleful and Seraph? 2. Can You trasnlate what breakthrough weapons do I need for these upgrades :D thank you
  4. I am at true scorpio. Can you guyz give me some LINK where I can see WHAT and HOW MANY mats I need for every from stage 1 to stage 6. I tried to find it myself but I failed. And are those upgrade 100% or RNG?
  5. This is not pvp

    How NCSOFT solved hacking in AION (they didn't actually fought it back on programing level or w/e I can call it): They banned high ranked people who were using hacks (including governor on my server) and every1 got scared nd majority stopped using it. Maybe they pushed it in arena & 6v6 dungeons. I am not optimistic when it comes this game too coz it's same developer. It's only matter of time when 9/10 REAL actual player u fight in ur duels will use lil help of cd hacks or worse.
  6. This is not pvp

    (i had to reduce video quality in post editing ... my recording program wasn't work so I had to use low grade fraps) 1) This is automated machine that is spamming root and invisibility all the time. I lost first one coz I was looking for recording program to use. I won 2nd and 3rd one coz that is probably low lvl that is not programmed to dodge grab, stuns etc. Easy win. 2) after major FPS drop I had coz of recording look at skills he used. root,root,root,root,root and more root. For now this is not the issue, I got beans (PVE YEAH). 3) my question is what happens when real player open google, write "bns cd hacks" eventually pay 2-3$ for it and then use HACKS wisely. for example he use it smart so it's really hard to catch (for example use 36sec cd skill every 20-25sec etc). I didn't play all classes as I played my BD, FM and destroyer and other than that I dun really know cds, animations, skill sounds as of those 3 classes. not that good. I am not going deep, calling out developers or anything just wanna say people who actually pvp with these hacks being out there on google, record everything and only pvp if u know all 8 classes so u have u got scammed or not. gg wp. PS. I won't send ticket to support coz it's pointless action.
  7. convience me

    Hello I am kind of still new in FM world. I need someone to convince me tha FIRE is better in pve than ICE. I have 500ap and I ran all currently end game content. How I pve: 1)Instant inferno 2) Fire V skill comment 3)press F to get fire orbit 4) get 3 frozen orbit &shoot dragon 5)Shoot 4-5 ice rains 6) press Z Cold snap 7) for next 12-13 sec keep spamming 2 (ice rain) and Z (cold snap) 8) keep spamming RMB + F ice (healing F btw) while inferno is on cd 9) press X ice-snowball when gets off cooldown 10) repeat when inferno gets off cooldown I tried fire but isn't 2-fire just too slow animation? if u run 1 that sets enemy on fire (i think this is idiotic) u again have very slow animation skill. Yes last tier of LMB does some very awsome extra dmg on burning enemy. But in 2 weeks we are getting RMB upgraded too that lets u keep shooting RMB-F combo even if u have very bad rng with getting crit. Like I need some hardcore PVE FM (that mained FM from beginning or even earlier) to convince me about this fire thingy. PS. I will upgrade C-fire too just too fun when I get skill points atm I am HM-4.
  8. EU Maintenance times...

    yes maintance during night is nice, but I am someone who was playing NA Aion so I am just used to it during day. Doing maintnace that starts at 9am is way way better than the one that starts at 1pm. so I am way more than ok with this earlier maintance. back to bed :D
  9. I am currently at 1780 rating. Do others Blade Dancers find it odd that people escape from ur PHANTOM GRIP every single time perfectly by just using 2? (not tab) Like I grip them I try to use soulburn at other times, I rotate camera super fast and walk so it be harder to spot when I use soulburn, but no some people escape my phantom grip perfectly every single time in all 3 duels. Are those bots? Exploits? I rly think it is impossible to get the timing right every single time(I tried it myself and it's simply way too hard time to get it right even 1 of 3). Anyone confirm/deny/give more details?
  10. Pve boss def

    I wonder how much DEF in percentage% have current last bosses? (so we know after what point piercing is useless at least in pve) Like how much def has Mushin's darkness? 15%,20%,25%,50% ? Same for HaeMujin, Rajin, Fujin, Poharan etc. I am most interested in mushin's darkness DEF.
  11. Ever since last patch I've been constantly getting really a lot of DISSCONNECTS while my internet is working JUST FINE in same time. This need to be fixed. This is game quitting point. whatever people who work on this game did take it all back so it doesn't dc me every 30-50min. good luck.
  12. 1. I need someone who knows other versions of game to confirm/deny will I need 1500 achievements points to learn some secret tehnique (unlock skill) in future patches (patches are going pretty fast so if it's true what one guy say it will be in no time) ? 2. In case that's true is there any info what that skill is for blade dancer so I know should I bother getting achievements that are useless at this moment.
  13. mushin tower 7th floor

    for all people failing: buy from general merchant that spawns in instance 7 sec resist items, use them after he use storm to avoid "five point strike" that sends you up in air.
  14. Failed to connect to server

    did they say how long will this restarting last?