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  1. Premium Membership Questions

    Oh! I see. Cos I saw the 30days one at the website :x Ah well thank u both for answering!
  2. So I was considering to trying out the 30 Day Premium Subscription, they mentioned every 30 days they would charge to my acct so since I'm getting only 30 days so the amount I pay is kind of one shot right..?
  3. Returning Player: Needs Advice for Gems

    ah ok thank u! is there a full list of the other gems u talk about?
  4. So I haven't played BNS in awhile, but after seeing the new updates I thought of coming back to see. However, need some advice on what gems to use. Would love to hear it from all of you. I understand that we need to have the attack power 28 diamond, (Hexagonal), so what comes after?
  5. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    I definitely understand, and no I don't think you're rude or anything. It's normal to encounter the people you've described. Basically, I mean to say they wanted to kick me out because I was disconnected for awhile. I definitely will not attempt Poh if I wasn't properly geared. I can see you're not trying to be rude, you're just saying your piece.
  6. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    I've done them (which is why I could enter the dungeon itself).
  7. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    I wasn't leeching, I'm a 45 myself, and it's my first time in Poharan Dungeon.
  8. Don't Hate the Beginners TEACH them.

    Went to a party for a dungeon today with 45s, just one accidental slip and fall off the Poh Ocean and like 3 ppl tried to vote me out for an accidental fall. My friend was kind enough to wait for me, and this guy just kept whacking around saying that we took more than one minute. Pretty rude bunch, we all started somewhere definitely.
  9. Launcher On & Off/Random Disconnects T-T

    Ah thats so strange... I restarted my computer after my two hour nap, and its running ok... Hopefully the maintenance will help resolve these issues...
  10. Launcher On & Off/Random Disconnects T-T

    Yeah my friends managed to logged in too T-T. Suddenly got disconnected. Thats the exact same disconnected message I got! @Dipper315
  11. Hi guys! Just asking if anyone else is having the launcher problem error, and having random disconnects... :( Didn't had any of these before.

    Hey guys! I've resolved this problem by restarting my computer, and reinstalling using my new computer. Turns out the old one didn't quite support the specs needed.

    Hello, I would like to ask if there's a way to resolve this. I've downloaded the game since last night. And today I tried to launch the game, it asks me to fill in my email & password, each time I do, the launcher later disappears. Is there something I've missed out?