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  1. we could always pretend to be... it is a role playing game after all..
  2. like i said priority queue is going to become useless in the future. hell i haven't been put into queue for the last 3 days and im f2p.
  3. you don't know they have a cash shop in game right which most if not all f2p MMO's have. you pay real $ to buy things from there right?? and you're telling me to waste my money on premium for 1 feature when it should be free for everyone and i could be putting that money into cash shop and support them from that. i'm sorry but theres more than just "buy premium" to support them.
  4. just because i don't buy into premium membership like others doesn't make me any less of a supporter.
  5. yea you're funny. they have as much as of a right as you do so calm your little jimmies rustled. wardrobe is content lock do you even know what wardrobe is?
  6. so whoses on welfare? i don't recall anyone saying they were on welfare. if you find people being smart with their money as being on "welfare" you got some real issues that you need to get checked out. should i go spend $15 come back and still demand F2P get wardrobe? saw plently of premium's come in here saying wardrobe should be for everyone.
  7. bots are ncsoft's problem they don't wanna deal with it themselves thats on them.
  8. well i'm not as stupid as you to waste my money on this game not in the shape its in atm.
  9. it's not an easy fix i've already looked at max inventory its not enough. i just told you premium membership is not worth it so idk why you keep trying to force people to buy it. but i guess you're the type to roll over and take it and just take the easy way out.
  10. naw wouldn't break my bank i just don't find premium membership worth it so why waste my money on that?
  11. sure because then i don't have to worry about space to put said costumes, instead of wasting $15 per month when i could put that $15 or even $20 in the cash shop.
  12. what to scared of us plebs having something you hold so dear forever and forever? sadly it don't work like that and a good public outcry will be heard.
  13. they can do whatever they want to do as long as everyone gets to use it. you can take it out but you'll never be able to put it back in unless you pay for another membership.
  14. i could care less about pvp. outfits in this game are collectables people like to collect stuff like these what do you not understand? but once they find they can't store their collectables in the proper collectable storage area that was "Made" for said collectables. Seeing it locked behind a paywall which it has no business being that way. here you are again accusing us of demanding that we want everything for free.. get off your high horse.
  15. so you know what i have and have not experienced? LOL you think selling end game items which you can only use if you're that level is pay2win then i feel sorry for you because i've seen far far worse.
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