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  1. Confused!!

    Servers may be down/unstable. And you will have a popup saying you're in a queue when you try to log in with a character
  2. More Character Slots.

    If you are planning on playing for free then you can make multiple accounts. I believe that adding 1 slot is 400 NCoins/Hongmoon Coins. You can earn Hongmoon Coins ingame. Although the drop rate is not high, it is still feasible if you do dailies.
  3. I can't speak on behalf of the developers but imo, if the dumplings/potions are priced too high for low levels, it seems to suggest that low levels are not supposed to be running out of them. I'm pretty sure the first town you go to (Bamboo Village?) has a marketplace. Regardless, if you are using up all the dumplings/potions given then you might want to change how you're playing.
  4. Just because another version has it doesn't mean that NCSoft is required to copy them. Korea's prices for costumes are higher from what I hear - do you want to be paying more for each costume? Can't have everything nice from another version because their situation/circumstances for other things are different. This is also a quality of life benefit. As others have said, you can enjoy the game without the Wardrobe function. Is it inconvenient? Yes. But this game is F2P and has to rely on it's cash shop/subscriptions to make money. If Premium didn't have extra perks, the perceived value would be less and less people would buy it.
  5. More character slots with new classes?

    Even if those versions had extra slots added because of new characters, NCSoft might not choose to do the same. :<
  6. Think you can find them for cheaper in the marketplace. Imo, the content doesn't get "difficult" until level 36, even if you are solo-ing. I found that the quest rewards/drops/surveys provided enough potions and dumplings for me to get to endgame. Even at endgame, I have a surplus of potions and dumplings so I'm not sure what you're doing differently. (I'm aware that some classes are more challenging to solo with.)
  7. Future plans for Silver Dragon Outfit?

    @Kensho1996 I don't even see maybe half the outfits I saw/liked in CBT. :c Don't really like the "rotating costumes once every x days/weeks/months" thing either... wish they would make more outfits available at any given time.
  8. Future plans for Silver Dragon Outfit?

    I don't agree with the Beta argument. A lot of things were available for free/in large quantities/easily obtainable in beta to make the game/progression easier since there was going to be a wipe anyways. Just because the other versions do something, doesn't mean NCSoft will do exactly the same thing. Prices in Korea for costumes are higher from what I hear - I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to pay more for costumes just because the Korean version is charging that much. It's not realistic to expect everything to be the same or only have the features/things you like from a different version.
  9. Future plans for Silver Dragon Outfit?

    I feel like it wouldn't be "special" anymore if they released the exact same outfit for less. I'd understand if a similar outfit (e.g. different color) was released for purchase in the shop. However, I hope they don't lock a ton of outfits like this.
  10. Weapon necessary for Supply Chain

    You can always use the Dragonspire.
  11. Golden Deva Axe drop rate?!

    Some of the weapons aren't bound to you (thank god). I just saved my Brilliant keys for the boxes that were annoying to get. The wheel wasn't too bad but my RNG wasn't awful. My friend spent like ~60 keys to get his weapon...
  12. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I've never run into this many bots. Lol. I mean I see a few every now and then... although the dungeon lobby is filled with bots and I don't see a report/block option there. What server are you guys on?
  13. What is Soon in dev terms?

    They already have the content, just have to decide on when to release it to us. Blade and Soul has a list of issues right now anyways.
  14. @Nekai I like your idea with the priority rolling and transferable costumes. I have never run out of money for the "necessities." I've never had to buy potions or food outside of what I get from quests, drops and the surveys. Not sure what you're doing differently if you find yourself running out. Even now, at max level and trying to do Blackwyrm/ogres occasionally, I'm still not creating a deficit. I usually end up with the same amount (if not more) of food/potions at the end of the day (after dailies and whatnot). If they increase the amount of money dropped from mobs, I'm pretty sure the bots can and will take advantage of that. They're already running dungeons as it is. I'm also not finding that the amount of money you get from dailies is "too little." (This is assuming that you do the right dailies.) Although the things you need are "high" in price, 2 gold for the level 40 (?) breakthrough can be achieved easily from questing/leveling. I mean if you're buying things from the AH constantly, you're obviously going to run out.
  15. Yes. You could try contacting support to see what they can do for you but it'll probably be a long wait.