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  1. Plenty of afk'ers in Brightstone. It's super annoying, I wish I had a kick, punch, headbutt and shoot option for these.
  2. Sadly, yes. Des' anicancel is basically the core of your DPS.
  3. I'll bite. Why do you want to quit? Where did BnS touch you?
  4. ¿Los españoles la tienen difícil? Intente ser sudamericano y hablamos... <- Argentina acá. D:
  5. I downed him today with my Destroyer after 1 hour of practice. True Profane + Awakened Infernal accs. MY GOD. I had to double, triple check my build on every attempt. Until I realized a good CC rotation (Thankfully Destro gets a lot of them) without dropping my DPS so I don't hit enrage. It was exciting. I cursed the gods during that time. D:
  6. As a Destroyer myself, I've got the same issue. When you have a consistent tank (aka not having the boss spinning around sharing his "love" to everybody around), the pattern is the same that Lyricalpanda mentions. I don't know HOW, but I used my shield right before the second conal AoE happens and it blocked the roar. I was able to get my chest yesterday, apparently dying doesn't affect your contribution because I've died so many friggin' times trying to get used to it... and still got t.
  7. The "---" was meant to separate the subject. I'm sorry if it was confusing. I'll fix it now.
  8. I hate the word "nerf". It usually takes the fun away from everything. I wish I had the chance to play the original version. I've got a ping of 180, I hope it doesn't hold me back from clearing Mushin's tower, even since we don't know how "tweaked" the raid is. I'm one step away from getting my Siren Weapon, but I'll do my best to complete it before I can step into this new place.
  9. OMG, it's the Mushin's cerulean faction's chat all over again! *smashes her face against the wall* Wow, I'm from Argentina but a 100% EU descendant. Am I in the right place? AS FOR THE GENERAL THREAD AND DISCUSSIONES IN REGARDS OF THIS SUBJECT I'VE READ SO FAR IN THIS FORUM: But sure, let's criticize other's racism with your racism. That totally works and BY NO MEANS it generates more hate (It's sarcasm in case you missed it). Thankfully, I've got a lot of american friends I've met in FFXIV, and they're super nice. We used to raid together in that game,
  10. Hey, Valic! I was struggling with the same thoughts the other day. I did some research and I finally did that too. If you're using Windows, there's a "BNS" folder in the "images/pictures" folder (can't tell how the name is in the english version). There you put your jpg/png pics and then you can select it in-game. Be aware that the size is limited: 414x678, so tweak your pic a little so it doesn't look awkward after that, as the game auto-adjust the size when it's imported in your character's window.
  11. I wouldn't blame the system, but the guy was truly a booty. I'm sorry it happened to you. I would agree, however, that this game should have a priority system for class exclusive weapons. Let's say, if the Destroyer doesn't want the axe, people can bid on it. The rest, free loot. All of it.
  12. If everything else fails, uncheck the "repeated classes" box in the instance server so you don't get paired up with a player using the same class. (In order to increase the chances) Besides that, you can ask for it at the begining of the run. Most people will politely accept. And omg, the swearing is real.
  13. Thanks for your reply, Meese. I appreciate it. It's a bit sad but I'll have to wait until some day, the planets get alligned and the server is open, I guess. Coming from serveral MMOs, I know the influx of characters tend to drop, so I guess I'll have to wait a "little" longer... Wait, what... http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/news/2016/01/the-planets-are-about-to-align *Fingers crossed*
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