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  1. Insane Ping

    So when this game launched, I had about 60-80ms ping. Game was pretty smooth. No real issues. This was all through head start and launch. Then last week the servers went down on Saturday and since then the game was almost unplayable. 200-400ms ping spikes. So finally I tried wtfast yesterday and it gave me a consistent 80-90ms ping. Not as good as it was before but a huge improvement still. Now today, whether I use wtfast or not my ping goes from 50-250ms randomly. I'll just be standing there and the ping jumps and drops. This is not an ISP issue. My native ping is 30ms and my speed has no issue. When I ping other servers for other games it comes back with a normal amount of ping. This is literally the only game that this happens with. It doesn't even happen with other games by NCSoft. I've seen countless posts by other people that have had the same thing happen to them. This needs to be brought to the attention of whoever the hell is in charge of the potato they call a server. If you have similar issues, or just want to contribute to bumping this thread by calling me names and throwing insults, please post them here. I want someone to at least acknowledge this and let me know they're going to look into it.
  2. Combat Lag

    I have the same issue. Didn't have it at all when the game first launched. Only started happening since Saturday. Nothing I've tried has fixed it.
  3. Crazy Ping

    So when this game first launched, (and during early access) my ping was about 60-120ms on average. Game ran pretty smooth. Considering I'm in Maine and the servers are in Texas. After the servers went down on Saturday, my ping has gotten increasingly worse. I've talked to my ISP and it's nothing on my end. My ping is 20ms like it always has been. It is literally the best internet I can get where I live. Other games always hover around 80-100ms. Now since that day, my ping jumps from 180-460ms. It's completely insane and unplayable at times. There is literally a 2s delay on skills at times. I've never used wtfast or any other ping improving programs but I really don't have a choice at this point I don't think. Anyone else had similar bad ping lately or had experience lowering ping using a program? I could use some advice on what to use.
  4. Game got hacked ?

    The ISP at the location of the NA servers went down earlier from what I understand from the dev tracker. Idk what's going on now.
  5. Free Goodies for downtime

    inb4 thread lock or moved to the other thread still up about this
  6. Free Goodies for downtime

    Calm down Makise.
  7. Not gonna pay for mail system......

    The only reason I can see for this is so that bots can't send you mail.
  8. Competing with other players for mobs

    It's nice when I'm killing an enemy that summons another enemy I need for a quest and I'm constantly spamming auto attack waiting for the summoned enemy to be able to be attacked and someone else comes in and manages to steal the tag. Pretty bullshit. There really is no reason for this.

    I agree this should be a thing. I have nothing against Brazilians personally and I don't think many do. They are mainly frustrated because the majority of them that are playing do not speak English at all. Any time people are playing on a server based in a location where the primary language is English and people are speaking another language it tends to annoy them. I actually transferred off Jiwan because I saw this becoming an issue and a lot of people left the server once they found out that the BR community had chosen it.
  10. maintenance ! The expected downtime is ~60 minutes

    Most games would compensate players in some way for 5-6 hours of unexpected downtime. Let's see if they do anything.
  11. When The Game Back On

    They are down.
  12. Warlock Class

  13. Soho server down or crashed?

    Please at least read through the first page of posts before posting stuff like this. The game is down and has been for almost 5 hours now.
  14. is there any mods for NA BnS?

  15. Unable to buy NCoin

    Thanks! Yeah next time I'll probably just buy from Amazon haha. I just had trade credit so I was like huh.. Gamestop has cards so might as well!