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  1. BM or KFM

    Hmm, in my server group, I've only seen KFMs top'ed the DPS chart so I'm not really sure about other servers. BM is rather quite "underrated" in arena in case you wanted to take that into account. Additionally, KFM isn't as flashy as BM either and their DPS rotation is HEAVILY relies on your ping. If you aren't that confident in your ping and want to have an easier time instead, BM is the way to go. BM has higher sustains in game overall too. Edit: BM isn't easy as I'm making it sounds like. If you are to pick BM, expect to do mechanics and CC :')
  2. BM or KFM

    BM has more utilities (CC's, party shield, projectile block) to help your party run through dungeons MUCH smoother. Whereas KFM has way more dps/crit dmg boost for yourself AND your team (in exchange for almost all of their CC in pve). In my own experiences, I felt like BnS is more of dps dependent game so I'd say KFM is better and more neutral class choice for both pvp and pve ! Since BM suffered a DPS nerf recently and there seems to be a lot of negative comments about these changes, I can't say it is still OP like before anymore.

    Just because you haven't won a game with BM so that just means the class is garbage despite there are still a bunch of BM on high ladder. Fyi, there is already a BM that already made it into BnS' 3s world tournament grand finale two day ago so that speaks a lot about the class itself.
  4. Simple build for solo play/leveling?

    Soloing isn't one fun thing to do in this game my friend :). But if you really want to enjoy all the contents, you should at least get to capped level first, which is 50 atm in NA/EU region. And I also made one build here that I think it has included all the core skills you will need until 50 https://bnstree.com/tree/KF?b=BJlAeORqg. Your main dps should come from your 2(tiger strike) and f(searing blow, proc upon tiger strike's crit). This is only good until you have unlocked all HM skills, equipped with elemental gears (i'm pretty sure you will be able to find out yourself what you should be doing once you get here anyway) and found yourself a waifu (yes, a real one). Talk to me in-game if you ever see me wandering around, my IGN: Dori ! :D Best of luck to you !
  5. Move Flying Slam to a diff button

    Nope, you cannot change what skill goes into what button. The only thing you could do is repositioning the keys so that they'll best fit your reach. Even the people up high ladder still get screw up by these buttons' placement, lmao.
  6. Is PvP broken?

    Can someone explain how is it balance for KFM to fight any other class at this point ?