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  1. Extended downtime!

    Saturday, can't leave the house because of snow..nothing to do and nothing i can do. worst time ever for downtime..
  2. When The Game Back On

    3 feet?
  3. Add a few premium only servers

    many less bots. f2p is the main reason i am not considering staying much longer than it takes to run through the game once. i did pay for the premium or w/e against my better judgement (5 bucks? how could you not) but right now other than no queues theres no reason to be premium, and queues won't last..
  4. LvL Up guide?

    follow the big colorful markers..
  5. The Servers

    people will go to new server and leave room on your old server so queue is shorter. whats the problem? unless you want people to be foreced to wait to play on existing server, or you feel bad you paid for headstart and those non-payers get to start fresh out of gate on these new ones?>
  6. New Server Names?

    This posted anywhere, i can't find in news or announcements. Have to coordinate with the brazilians on which to invade^^ and i hope there is a server named bob, always wish that but never happens.
  7. and YouckFouu as I'm obviously on the BR side of this argument, there is no reason in this world to learn Portuguese it has nothing to do with mindset. There are Languages that can help you in career and socially like chinse, japanese, spanish, german, even latin. Portugese is down there with Swahili.
  8. How about next time a game opens, you don't roll on what was commonly known to be the BR server? I know this and hardly followed the game, never been to forums until the night before launch. Every single Jiwan thread I found mentioned it would be the BR server. Every 'unofficial roleplay' thread had someone mention it. If you don't like it you should have started somewhere else. The RP community does this on almost every single game they think they are much much bigger than they really are.
  9. What's your number game

    #744 Made the mistake of logging off because I was moving my router... Started a the 5000'th about 6.5 hours ago. Ate dinner, checked queue, did some work, went food shopping, checked queue, watched fixer upper, checked queue, watched 2 episodes of Mr. Robot , checked queue, came to forums.. I'm close enough now that I have to wait and log in before I got to bed and afk because off in the morning, and while I should be able to log right in at those hours..the bots and everyone else afk'ing likely won't let me so I'm with the 'if you can't beat them , join them crowd'.