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  1. Why is that so hard to quit BnS

    Because there are no better game in 2016. Overwatch I'ts a MNC rehash Dota is Dota the rest are placebo games with 30+ DLC I hate this game so much but I can't quit it yet, I need help...
  2. NCSoft cares about the Bots situation?

    True profane
  3. I'm really tired of the bots being HM4-HM9 doing dailies freely like kids in a candy shop. I'm really really tired. Can you explain how the hell bot players can reach til HM9 without being detected? Just tell me, I'm curious about your "logic" answer. I'm inviting to post screenshots with bot players above HM8++ This is stressing...
  4. Merchant of wonders

    Oh thanks for the help!
  5. Soulstone Plains A big middle finger to melee

    Are you done? Are you really done here? Are you really really done here? Good, now get out. Don't try to get cocky. We get it, you are really good. You are almost a professional. You are a Demi-God in this thread. Are you happy now?
  6. Nice guide! Now I can be useful at yeti with my sin. Also, are you using win10, right? Because this game is optimized for win10 only (thanks NCSoft) so I can't iframe for shit in win8 (I want to install W10 but I heard some bad things about it being a botnet) Thanks again for sharing this guide, I love it <3
  7. Bring Back Green Dungeons to the Lobby

    Game is already dead, they move on to another game:
  8. Bring Back Green Dungeons to the Lobby

    Hahahahahahaha! Oh boy, what a comedian! Hey guys! Somebody born level 50 already! if you don't want to help the others, don't boost your ego saying "they are bad, no, sorry, they are not skilled" because you look like a pretentious douchebag. Don't answer this thread if you don't want to help them. My god, people really change when "they know so much about the game, so pro" Don't delude yourself, pal.
  9. Blade Dancer PVE Build?

    lv 50 only Add drain after going for more (HM2++), blade flight is good too (bleed only)
  10. Newsletter Reward

    Geez, I wonder why people are already mad. Oh right! just look at the game support.
  11. Soulstone Plains A big middle finger to melee

    Epic, simply epic. Don't try to "help" that guy saying a wall of nonsense delusion. >3. Improve your gameplay, to be honest I don't know you, but I believe you are a bad BM, bad enough to come here and complain how bad you are Seriously? Come on check my profile and say something "smart" about my comments. Don't try to be cocky in here, dude. Can't you say something without being rude to him? Or is your AP which boost your ego?
  12. new mail from "NCSOFT"

    People are retarded enought to fall for this. In other words, he's trying to help the people to know about this scam. Oh you silly dad.
  13. The "New Summoner"

  14. New Player, Persuade me!

    Dude, get out now! Don't waste your time here, for real. A lot of people here are suffering. There are other games with decent quality/content than this cash grabber. Run, dude! RUN AWAY!
  15. Share your story about meeting good players

    I was waiting for exterminator in the harvest witha random party long time ago. Some random guy said to me: hey you can make your gear better than that! Get a pirate bracelet and try to upgrade to breeze stage 5 because its cheap (and It's true) and if you got some extra gold, get a soul so you can get 30ap more! Some people are really nice trying to help other players, they don't *cricket*ing care if other player got more AP than him. In the other hand, the elitism from others players are really annoying like they born lv 50 HM8+++ I just call them "Bomanies"