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  1. It's not that Premium players get extra gold drop that annoyed free players. It's the fact that we don't get any drop at all. Not only we're not able to grind for those extra money, we also get more restrict on Marketplace maximum limit. This game is a Freenium and very P2W. Also, I love how they use all these restrictions as an excuse to stop gold-sellers, but have as we all can see from the Faction chat they're still around.
  2. What a B.S lie. Are you a premium player? If not I think you mistaken XP fading text as gold drop. Try killing some mobs and then check your money to see if you receive any copper. Let me know, because I've never receive any at all.
  3. New player incoming!

    - Pick a recommend new server unless you like queuing. - Don't waste Keys and Unsealing charms. - Lvling is really fast, just do quests. - Be ready for Gold-sellers spamming.
  4. Crash BnS Report

    It should be on in 25 mins. The best to check is through their twiiter account https://twitter.com/bladeandsoul?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
  5. Crash BnS Report

    Have you try reinstall the game? jk, it's down for maintenance.
  6. How to earn money ?

    From what I heard in Faction chat, the fastest way you can get golds is to buy it from one of the many gold-sellers. = ) . But in all seriousness, I just farm dungeons and do dallies.
  7. Petition: Chat Size Increase.

    I'm sure Gold-sellers will appreciate this as well.
  8. I found where bots hangout

    I starting to think goldsellers pay NCSOFT...
  9. Asia Server

    I also petition for a server next to my house. Heck a server to each player's houses while we at it. Thanks
  10. Free Goodies for downtime

    I'm pretty sure they'll give all players a exp. boost item and extend time for Premium players. Don't expect anything more than that.
  11. I give up.

    NCsoft should start selling Exclusive Premium for those who want to be even more special and log in faster. If it still doesn't work, add Extreme Premium.
  12. Blocklist SIze

    I second this, not only gold sellers but my server are now full of Spanish and Portuguese speakers. The Faction chat between English and Spanish speakers are just toxic. If you don't increase blocklist size, at least make a server recommend for spanish speakers.
  13. Poll: What class(es) are you playing?

    Force Master because I love kiting bosses. Since I don't play pvp FM is perfect because the class suck at 1v1 but pretty good in PVE. From I saw there are a lot of BM, Destroyer and Assassin.
  14. Too long Estimed waiting time ?

    And what if a server crash because it couldn't handle that many player?...