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  1. Bots are still everywhere in pvp

    They turned GameGuard back on, which does nothing but make WTFast users and out of region players unable to connect. And they added a 1 second delay for pushing F when accepting/completing a quest, which does nothing but *cricket* off players cause bots use mouse clicks on areas of the screen which recieved no delay.
  2. 1 second delay at quest

    You can still click with LMB with zero delay, which I assume is what bot programs do. So this does nothing but mess with actual players.
  3. 1 second delay at quest

    As the subject states there is now a 1 second delay from spamming through quest dialogue to being able to accept or complete a quest. Can I disable this? Is this your "We can't talk about it bot prevention plan"? This is literally killing me inside I can't stand the OCD cancelling lack of click response. I push F 3 times to get it to complete and its giving me cancer. Plz Halp.
  4. Maintenance

    Lol. Fastest maint ever for the crybaby. Enjoy your odd "Primetime".
  5. Maintenance

    While I understand your frustration 12pm is far from "Prime time". Prime time gaming is usually 5pm-12am so the maintenance will long be over before the majority of EU players are ready to get at it.
  6. Only playing a warlock for that stupid 1-45 free goodie bag. Otherwise I'd stay on my SMN.
  7. Call me sensitive but....

    Sorry for your butthurt Enubis. It's a video game. People crying over it might want to rethink their lives.
  8. Call me sensitive but....

    People crying about their hard counter make me laugh. As if Blade Dancer and Destroyer are any less "OP" than Summoners? Loooool. People need something to whine about and they just happened to agree to whine about SMN.
  9. Wanna beat a summoner? Go play a Destro so you can then whine about KFMs. KTHNXBAI.
  10. Call me sensitive but....

    Nah us Summoners are not overpowered, we're all just REALLY good at the game. Let them rage all they want, they just need to get good:)
  11. Iksanun us Ceruleans are badly outnumbered, but we still control Misty Woods PVP and Blackwyrm. Depends on your community of players if being outnumbered is a bad thing.
  12. They are botting arena for Zen beans. Why do you think the Soulstone market is crashing?
  13. Geforce Experience not detecting

    Up until the last patch it did detect it, but this game is a hodge-podge of the KR/CN client mixed with bad localization attempts so Ge-Force when trying to optimize would open and try to download the Japanese client. Likely pulled for that reason.
  14. Arena Ping

    I already have to lead ahead with my directional spells against stealthed targets. Makes it hard to try and be competitive in PVP when I stun/knockdown someone and before the animation is finished they are already beating on me again without losing a step. I mash my followup as hard as possible and nothing happens. Makes me angry cause in world pvp where my ping is stable I can combo and chain like the pros.
  15. Arena Ping

    I live in AZ, not very far from the games servers. My ping sits around 50-100 constantly in the game world, sometimes spiking to 150 for no reason while standing still. After joining arenas and sometimes finding myself under attack before the black screen of the countdown is even gone I figured I'd check my ping in the arena as well. I have never once seen my ping in the arena fall below 180, sitting around 250 average. Are the arena servers not with the game servers or is something seriously wrong with their network code?