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  1. Is it normal to die so much?

    I started my lock a couple days ago after coming back to the game (left a month after launch). In Hogshead right now, been running most abilities to give health steal. Run all green dungeons solo just fine at level, also solo all the world bosses. It's pretty much just never stop moving, and don't be afraid to use your abilities up for trash. It gets spammy AF it seems. I've got a block gem in my weapon right now... it was pretty crazy at lower levels, gave me 60+% chance and blocked a ton of damage.
  2. [Question] End Game? Do I have to pvp?... =/

    There's not much to do except run dailies for gold to buy gear. It gets really, really boring. I've already stopped playing.
  3. Newbie Class Playstyles

    I still say Destroyer is primarily a CC role. If grab is up, use it and be spec'd into it, otherwise you're hurting DPS total done to the boss of everyone in the group. FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST STOP THROWING BOSSES INTO THE AIR, HOLD FOR SIX SECONDS, SLAM AND ANI-CANCEL GUYS. That said, even being the best boss CC in the game, I regularly tank Poharen due to aggro from DPS and can AoE like a beast. Making mobs airbourne kills everyones damage output, and it's freaking annoying.
  4. I enjoy bidding and make plenty of gold just doing dailies. The prices of transformation stones has dropped, which makes it even easier. I didn't play headstart, I haven't played everyday and I'm going to get true profane done when I get off work.
  5. Banned... -_-

    I used a VPN with no problems, but I'm located in Dallas and so are the VPN servers. I only use it to hide from T-mobile.
  6. DPS Meter Request

    Meters are damn near required. If someone is useless in a raid, it's nice to know, so you don't have to wipe over and over with them. Maybe make them optional for people to allow their data to be checked.
  7. upgrading weapon system is such a pain

    It's not very difficult. I didn't do headstart, and I haven't played every day. I've got my first profane capped. It's not too different from other games where you have to farm a boss in a 1-2 hour dungeon with a low % chance of getting it. Now you farm something fast, with a 1/6 chance of getting it. Easier IMO.