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  1. If you follow the links Grimoir you'll find out that this is not the case, which is why I posted this. It's not working and costumer support has given us mixed messages. Thus I'm hoping the mods see this so they can perhaps obtain some correct information for us and otherwise inform the right people so it can be fixed. Having a faulty mail system in this day and age, such a basic component of any MMO, does not speak well for the quality of your product. It would serve both them and us if it was resolved.
  2. This, unsurprisingly, got utterly washed away by the Warlock patch when I posted it. So now that the forum is calmer I'd like to bring it up again as it is still an issue which has not been addressed.
  3. Could we have an official response on how the pay wall with mail is supposed to work and if anything is being worked on? It says you need to charge up Ncoins at least once for it to work, but this process is currently bugged and a fair number of people who've charged up haven't been able to unlock their mail. Also, in the official blade and soul support article about mailing which you can find here, it states that "you can send mail to your alternate characters on the same account without restriction." This also doesn't work. So some folks made a thread about it in the bug forum he
  4. Plus one. A redo of the translation into something professional and true to the original Korean version would be nice as well.
  5. Can I request we get this conversation back on track? I do not mean to offend but it seems to have devolved to a lot of hate slinging which I think in part is due to misunderstandings. - A lot of people, and not just here, who are asking for a change to how the wardrobe is offered do not wish it to be free. We fully understand NCSoft needs to make money and that is fine. - Nor is the goal to make the current premium offer less attractive. - And we certainly do not want the game to become pay-to-win as a result. If that happens we all lose. Even if you feel the
  6. Shooting themselves in the foot with putting the wardrobe in the premium benefits. Right now it's just a lure to get people to buy premium but at the same time it stops a fair number of those who aren't interested in premium from buying cash shop costumes. This because there isn't any place to store them as the inventory and vault doesn't realistically have any room for collectibles. That's why the wardrobe was created in the first place. On top of that they take away one of the reasons for people to keep grinding places at end game. Namely collecting outfits. Which is a big thing in this game
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