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  1. From the Silverfrost patch page. Anybody have any idea what this actually refers to? Did they just fix some typos and subtitles not aligning to what's being said in the voiceovers? Or did they actually correct the poor translation of the source material anywhere?
  2. If you follow the links Grimoir you'll find out that this is not the case, which is why I posted this. It's not working and costumer support has given us mixed messages. Thus I'm hoping the mods see this so they can perhaps obtain some correct information for us and otherwise inform the right people so it can be fixed. Having a faulty mail system in this day and age, such a basic component of any MMO, does not speak well for the quality of your product. It would serve both them and us if it was resolved.
  3. This, unsurprisingly, got utterly washed away by the Warlock patch when I posted it. So now that the forum is calmer I'd like to bring it up again as it is still an issue which has not been addressed.
  4. Could we have an official response on how the pay wall with mail is supposed to work and if anything is being worked on? It says you need to charge up Ncoins at least once for it to work, but this process is currently bugged and a fair number of people who've charged up haven't been able to unlock their mail. Also, in the official blade and soul support article about mailing which you can find here, it states that "you can send mail to your alternate characters on the same account without restriction." This also doesn't work. So some folks made a thread about it in the bug forum he
  5. Got a similar response from Hime in another thread about this. It's here if you want to look it up. Note how they both mention the skill descriptions but aside from that only use terms such as "localisation" and "other areas". That could then also mean a better launcher for the NA/EU game. That's essentially localisation as well. It's like asking if any work will be done on the pavement in the street you live in and they reply "We're currently working on the bridge three blocks over, and after that we'll continue work on parts of the neighbourhood." Yea that's nice, but what about
  6. You have the place all to yourself? I wish I had your luck. I play the game almost entirely solo anyway.
  7. Do you happen to have any idea if it's possible to acquire the EN1 version and mod that into the game client side just like you can with voice packs? I honestly have little faith in NCSoft ever translating the game properly so might as well see what I can get done myself.
  8. I'm glad I use a Korean Voice pack. They should really just include the Japanese and Korean voice packs officially as an option for those who want it which, from what I've seen, are quite a fair number of people. To keep game data down they could make it so that those packs are only downloaded when selected. Sure what's being said in those voice overs won't line up with the bad translation efforts in our version but it's still highly preferable to having to listen to the English voice pack. Also that's "easily" solved by doing a proper translation of the storyline and replacing the unneeded di
  9. Certainly Shuchin, I don't argue that. Just saying we'll probably need a good number of people who feel the same as we do before story elements and voice acting are addressed.
  10. I did mention this on the previous page actually. Questionable quality aside, the lack of voice overs caused by generally only giving the yellow quest characters a voice, who sometimes even have lines missing, clearly shows how little effort went into voice localisation. I've put a link to the Dojo forums in that previous post for those wanting to give the Korean, or even Japanese, voice pack a whirl. I doubt it's an ongoing process though Shuchin. They put a minimum amount of resources in for a reason. Unless the game is successful financially here in the west I don't think they'l
  11. I suppose they deemed the quest with Wubaiku too plain and figured they'd spice it up, making it awful in the process. I just feel cheated out of a proper story that explores the Korean culture and mythology and isn't trying to be sensationalist.
  12. I've replied about this in several threads now so I'll just mention here what I said elsewhere. They are shooting themselves in the foot with putting the wardrobe in the premium benefits. Right now it's just a lure to get people to buy premium but at the same time it stops a fair number of those who aren't interested in premium from buying cash shop costumes. This because there isn't any place to store them as the inventory and vault doesn't realistically have any room for collectibles. That's why the wardrobe was created in the first place. On top of that they take away one of the reasons for
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