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  1. What's your number game

    Jokes on us, no one will speak English pretty soon.
  2. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that... "So, everytime I try to walk through my front door without opening it, my face gets hurt. I mean wtfbbq!!"
  3. BnS Reaction Gifs

    +1 This. All this. Vig
  4. I'm so done right now...

    Same, DCd twice since 1PM. Now its midnight. /Uhg. Got in last night... Goldsellers are having way more fun than me. Vig
  5. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    At least they responded. Thanks! Vig
  6. So, NCsoft, a question!

    /sarcasmon - I agree, fat gamer girls are feeling uncomfortable with how the ideal is portrayed in this game and it needs to be FIXED... oh wait... JK, you're gross and no one agrees with you. Actually... you probably are the only one that has such trivial concerns. /Prudebotoff Not that you don't have a right to voice your opinion. I really wanted to support this thread, until I realized you were having a rant, worst of all, on issues concerning a subjective opinion. Users are being banned for speaking out about queue numbers and you are going off about this? Really? Weak. Simply put. Vig
  7. A serious question - Botting and Goldselling is stressing your infrastructure and blatantly violating the TOS, not to mention taking up server slots for players who will follow the rules. We all are encountering multiple Bots and Goldsellers immediately upon starting the game experience, and I believe this is having an adverse impact on your player/fan base. Is there a reason you do not address these concerns in the forums? Is there is a benefit to your corporate mission to allowing this conduct to continue? If so, then please ignore. Thanks! Vig
  8. Queue is BS!!!

    Yup. It sure is.
  9. Salty

    Join the club =( Happened to me twice at this point. 6 hours sitting here.
  10. Yey! I Finally Got In Game! Look How Amazing It Is!

    This thread = win for so many reasons. +1 Vig
  11. Lack of AFK timers is perplexing

    Rofl +1 (billion) TBH, I don't really mind queues, unless the slots are taken up by Spammers and Bots... do we have the technology to stop them??? No, of course not. It is only 2016. Some day people, some day. Vig
  12. Waiting Music

    NCsoft right now... Get Money Get Money
  13. Who who just wrote the PSA about Premium

    Guys, come on. It was just an error in translation. Probably Google's fault. They didn't mean "Free to Play," they meant "Free to Pay." This has been a free public service announcement. Xoxo ~Vig

    That happened to me about 12 minutes ago. Queued up since 6:00pm EST, back into the 4ks... High Five!! Vig
  15. Queue is BS!!!

    ROFL +1 Bot and Cash FTW! Vig