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  1. Fan base eager to cheer!

    I hope you go live on facebook to i dont use twitter :(
  2. just stfu and watch the anime series till it over
  3. bns on Steam

    on a twich the devs sayd they need a pvp audiencefor ESL soooooo why isent this game on STEAM becase all ESL games are on steam except LOL for ovoius reasons....
  4. 5 Days to delete a caracter

    ok i get this but i dont agree for ex i whant to dellete my character and reuse the name i cant wtf pls remouve this.... is to absurd i get the point of this but there must be some other waysto do this. Triple Mail Verifications SMS ETC.
  5. NEW Class Soul Fighter

    NOT me i dont like it..... its very out of place.
  6. When i am iasked to insert the PIN number i saw that the cancel button is " #INVALID# " Accept works fine, the buton works but it looks weard.
  7. NEW Class Soul Fighter

    Lazy Hybrid? or cool? .... in my opinion it is a lazy hybrid........ i hope they make a guner or archer or a normal class next... not hybrids from old classes. They can easy add lots of normal classes in this "wuxia =)) whanabe whit magic loly cats"
  8. Japanese Voice Pack?

    omg why?
  9. Good news for you!

    RNG kins has arived... and the prince of pay to win shortly after :D
  10. Is Adorable | Cerulean | Social | PVE/PVP

    This is not WoW u have a Clan ... guilds are for proffesions.
  11. WoW Vs. BnS

    WOW HAS GOOD PVE... if BnS or any other whanabee whants to beat WOW dont make PVP end game ... because PVE sells better.... well any way i DO play WOW ATM What can i say ... i enter the game ... do stuff in my garrison and get out... raids are retarded because ..... the combat is retarded TAB is BORING! SRY BUT IS 2016 .... as for content... WHAT CONTENT? ohhh WOLTK BC CATA.... u can AUTO ATACK all bosses in all raids that content is good for achyvements and some mounts... im soory THAT IS NOT CONTENT! ok? its not even necesary to do it..... u just level see a dungeon or two from all those expansions and mouve on.... when u hit lv 100 those expansion are ..... good for nothing except achyvements and mounts -_- soo if u take the conent of GW2 BNS TERA ETC theoretycaly... they DO HAVE MORE VIABLE CONTENT TO PLAY... sry but WoW is done wrong since Cataclysm... there are only 4 or 5M players now and drooping .... you will see it semi f2p in a year or two.... ofc "semi" like u cant level to max level .... only some extra content more than LV 20 atm...... the lore ends in cataclysm anyway.... if u whant to play some true WOW LORE RAIDS..... go to a cata server pandaria wod .... and legion "that does what bns does u basicaly level your weapon" will not be something good....
  12. Login "license agreement"

  13. Login "license agreement"

    fix IT ncsoft
  14. evry class has + and -.... the game is very balanced u cant complain about some class + .... and expect for the devs to take that + of some particular class... yes what u say is true... it dosent kill all those player anyway "LEARN TO DODGE AND RUN AVOID BLOCK".... ... thats the Destoyers + , and if u whant that + make a destroyer or deal whit it .. use your class "whatever u play" + and deal whit your class - .....