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  1. New player

    What kind of end-game do we have in this game? Can I do my daily quests solo or am I forced to play in a party?
  2. New player

    Hello. Is this game friendly to a new player? I don't have much time to play, let's say 3 hours per day. Is it worth to start?
  3. Force Master pve in general

    I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but i cannot come even close to attack speed of some folks from youtube. I have no idea it is cause eu servers are lagin or it's cause I have high ping (according to some speed tests I have ~40 ping to frankfurt servers). Can anyone from eu shows (vua YT or twitch) his fastest pve rotation on some current end game dungeons?
  4. I have problems with Lb, Rb, 2 Dunno if I m doing something wrong. Should I wait some time before pressing mentioned combo again, or just keep pressing buttons continuously? Where can I practise my combo around 36 lvl (its a shame that we dont have any training dummy yet)? Any vids from YT showing how do it would be cool (not those from teagun).