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  1. XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

    Xigncode3 is falsely detecting programs based on their name alone. https://i.imgur.com/RpzOXny.png the program itself is a process explorer first and foremost: https://processhacker.sourceforge.io Talk about cheap detection... really. Update your anticheat client to one that is less than 2 years old already!
  2. Official Discord Community Server.

    invite expired
  3. Hongmoon Store Problem

    eh what? I just said that i could retrieve the charms without issue, but not the character voucher.
  4. Hongmoon Store Problem

    Yeah, as for me, i've been unable to retrieve my free character voucher for days now. This is what happens everytime i try to unpack it: ... and when i try to add a new character slot on the selection screen, this happens: I'm currently at a loss... Reported it via twitter, but no reply as of yet. edit: Redeemed the Training Unsealing Charms without issue, however. It's only my character voucher that is like this.