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  1. This is now sold. Hongmoon Pellet crafting service is still available: you bring the mats, we offer the clan and other requirements like professions and such. Groups of 3 preferred but not mandatory.
  2. Hi, I'm looking to sell 1 Hongmoon Pellet on Cardinal Gates EU. Pellet is ready to be picked up right away. I'm open to discussion about the price. Whisper "Hephe" in-game or reply here. Thanks!
  3. Oh I'm so gonna try this right away :) Thanks guys for your input, much appreciated.
  4. But I guess it's still worth since if you crit that's roughly 1/4 of their health from 1 hit? Or am I mistaken?
  5. Cheers, will focus on the weapon then. As for PvP I'll give this a go. The F1 seems to be the best approach since it does a metric shit ton of damage (especially with the crit proc - did I understood this correctly)?
  6. Hi, I'm running a BM currently at HM04 with a Level 10 True Siren weapon and all my accessories at max level Awakened Siren. My question is: Should I go with the Awakened Pirate weapon upgrade (maxing it to level 10) or should I just continue with the accessories until I reach True Siren on those as well? Not sure which path would benefit me more at this point. I'm crafting the upgrade materials myself so it's a slow process obviously but since I'm sitting on 10 MW Transformation Stones I would like to make use of them. Any input would be much appreciated. Finally, more of a BM side question but I've just got the Lightning Draw Volume 2. I was wondering for PvP Arena is it best to run T5F2 or T5F1 (perhaps even T5F3)? Quite confused since I see many different opinions on this topic and I'm a real PvP scrub :) Many thanks!
  7. "Valar Dohaeris" looking for new members!

    Gonna bump this thread with some updates: We are now rank 4 We are hosting a total of 35 members We are also running a Discord server to ease communication
  8. Game crashing

    A quick fix for this is to stop the Razer services and processes after you start the game. So keep them on until you login and the game start then just turn them off again. It works for me.
  9. Blade and Soul work with Windows 10?

    Works just well on Windows 10, but if you have some Razer products then you my friend, well ... you are fked just like the rest of us :D although there are workarounds, they just differ from patch to patch :)
  10. Not sure which quest are you talking about but in terms of outfits this might help: http://bns-fashion.com/
  11. Would be awesome but I'm on Cardinal Gates. If you ever create an alt or something hmu.
  12. Sweet, thanks for the clarifications. I'm definitely going to farm those once the servers are back online. I guess until I can craft the blue soul shields you've mentioned I'm going to fuse in some other critical SS I have around. Glad to hear it's not limited. Cheers!
  13. Holly mother of auctions, that's a hefty price. I'm definitely aiming to reach the level where I can craft Moonwater Transformation Stones. What you said definitely comes handy. Also, thanks for the tips at Q3, I'm going to farm those bits as soon as the servers are up and running again. Finally what do you consider to be the best SS you can infuse at the moment into the Moonwater Arena SS? A friendly forum member above suggested the blue sould shields from crating. I'm not there yet but meanwhile if I fuse something else, can I change it later or that's not how it works?
  14. Brilliant, this makes a lot of sense now, much appreciated! A couple of things, if you don't mind: Where can I get the Moonwater Arena Sould Shields? Is it from a vendor or it's a dungeon I need to farm? If I infuse some other Critical Shoul Shields for now, will I be able to infuse the crafted ones you've metnioned at a later point? I definitely enjoy the game so far, looking forward for the end content and for the new stuff coming our way in February.