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  1. Really NcSoft? Chat is broken.

    After a 5 hour maintenance to deal with the gold bots which were out of control, we will be expecting another maintenance, i believe it will last longer this time, hopefully it will be down while i sleep this time, rather than waste my daytime gaming. awesome work ncsoft, sigh.
  2. Account verification code on login

    Yea, my fiber link doesn't have a static one, it's rotative, so every single time i log off or reset the computer, it always changes, it's a bit frustrating to always input that stupid code, but it is what it is i guess. :P
  3. Account verification code on login

    You get the verification code thing because your IP is not static, mine isn't either, i have to type in a different code every single time i connect to the internet, it's a bs security measure, but, whatever, lol.
  4. Serpent Calling Bell

    you need certain items from different crafting guilds in order to make the serpent bell, you can join up to 4 guilds at the same time, the more items you order, the quicker you can level your "guild" crafting to be able to use more and more advanced and higher level stuff, however, if you decide to craft something else, or join another crafting guild, you will lose the xp you have gotten so far, but the items you found in open world will still be in the craft guild if you decide to join again, kinda sucks though.
  5. Server down or crashed ?

    This image most likely cripples a person with OCD
  6. Server down or crashed ?

    Are we there yet?
  7. Server down or crashed ?

    To be honest, i like my own disorder as well, when someone moves my stuff around i go ape shiiit on their assss
  8. Server down or crashed ?

    upside down stringed people, not disturbing at all.
  9. Server down or crashed ?

    LOL how do you find anything in there :D
  10. Server down or crashed ?

    This char makes Chucky look like prince charming.
  11. Server down or crashed ?

    That's cause it's easier to be mean to someone, instead of putting yourself in their place and at least imagine what they're going through, people that label others have their own beliefs of course, but that doesn't mean you gotta dehumanize others and make em feel like crap just because you don't agree with certain aspects.
  12. Server down or crashed ?

    that's cause se x always sells :p
  13. Server down or crashed ?

    hang in there, go have a hot bath, lots of bubbles, come back relaxed, lay down, and play play <3
  14. Server down or crashed ?

    oh oh, how was i supposed to knowwwwww, thennnnnnnnn, raid the fridge, since you hate snow so much, find some chocolate ice cream and have your revengeeeeeeeeee o// !