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  1. Its retarded how melee classes how to spin half hour arround the mini boss to drop on the ground while the ranged can just kill it up.This is really outdated and should really look at a solution cause im tired to spin arround like an idiot waiting for the boss to drop down

  2. 2 hours ago, AlanWake said:

    i thought the same. but same happened in 4 different raid groups. never ever been in a group that first boss took less then 90 mins.

    its just too easy to wipe,way too easy. the slightest mistake and boom. (dont need to tell you how many wipes at 3% i have seen)


    and ofc last boss is impossible,no reason for it to be in the client until 400k dps will be mainstream.

    I had the same problem as u.Had a clan of idiots and we struggled 3 weeks to kill first 2 bosses.Then change clan and suddently everything became so smooth

  3. yo creo que los españoles y los hispanos ya hay que espavilarse un poco y aprender ingles.En la escuela se estudia ingles,si se estudia sera por algo no?O podrias ir a clases de ingles pq esto te va servir en la vida no solo en los juegos.La verdad es que no se pq esta traducido en frances y en aleman,pq siempre cuando encuentro uno de esto en cross server es un puto manco que no se entera de nada

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