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  1. Its retarded how melee classes how to spin half hour arround the mini boss to drop on the ground while the ranged can just kill it up.This is really outdated and should really look at a solution cause im tired to spin arround like an idiot waiting for the boss to drop down
  2. I had the same problem as u.Had a clan of idiots and we struggled 3 weeks to kill first 2 bosses.Then change clan and suddently everything became so smooth
  3. if after 2 months u still spend 4 hours on first boss means u and ur raid go there full retard.U should have learn mechanics by now,first boss can be easily done in 10 minutes.All raid can be done in 2 hours or less right now.
  4. yo creo que los españoles y los hispanos ya hay que espavilarse un poco y aprender ingles.En la escuela se estudia ingles,si se estudia sera por algo no?O podrias ir a clases de ingles pq esto te va servir en la vida no solo en los juegos.La verdad es que no se pq esta traducido en frances y en aleman,pq siempre cuando encuentro uno de esto en cross server es un puto manco que no se entera de nada
  5. the only resonable way to get ur hm skills are with the nc coins bundle.And ppl keep sayng this game is not p2w hahaha there is absolutly no way for new people to play the game competitive without putting money into the game
  6. 458 ap and 0 crit def just prooves u got lucky and got carried.a 650 ap player would kill u in 2 or 3 hits so ur basical pretty useless there
  7. those are the worst events we ever have.A p2w one and another that force us to do that wirlwind that everyone hates.How about putting something fun,like getting the chests from something enjoyable instead of this crap battleground..seriously.Wasted 3 hours today to make that stupid daily with 2 wins.
  8. i have also playd echo of soul and havent spent any game on it.Its ur fault cause u were stupid enought to spend money there.If u dont like a game just quit it instead of making useless petitions or topics on another games that has nothing to do with echo of soul.I cant figure out if ur trolling or ur for real
  9. guys u should go farm instead of come here and cry on the forum
  10. Today i saw the new weapon paths and im verry surprised.I didnt think ncsoft would actually listen to the players.I just want to say goodjob, not many game company listen to their players like u guys do.Thx for this nice gaming experience and keep it that way-
  11. damn...we lost half day with this maintenance just for some new rng boxes...
  12. when i put my 6 numbers code i get an error and game close.It happen just now after the maintenance,anyone else have this?
  13. Hi i join the forum everyday,tryng to see news or usefull topics but all i see are kids complaining about everything.The game is not the best,but its fine the way it is.The events are not p2w,the progression is fine:i arrive to 640ap in 3 months without spending any money and playng 4-5 hours per day.With this topic i would like to ask everyone to stop making useless topics or just leave the game if u dont like it pls.Tired of all this whinning topics,if u make a topic put something usefull or just dont make it
  14. hello today i unlock the cleave mastery(hm rmb skill for destroyer) and it doesnt unlock the skills.Anyone else have this problem?
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