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  1. Witwen outfit

    Immef, meinst du die 24er Version der Instanz? Oo Ich glaube die droppen nur in der 6er/4er oder?
  2. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Dude, the first picture is "before", the second one is after NCSoft cleaned up and i'm currently playing and there is absolutely NO bot spamming besides the four that i blocked...
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    NCSoft surely cleaned [DE]Frostgipfel from bots/spammers, as you can see on my screenshots below: Before: After:
  4. Company behind gold spammers

    Whoever is able to do this, bomb their phones and faxnumbers :D Spam them until they give up ^^ Btw. it definitely got quiet on [DE]Frostgipfel, they only missed to block 4 bots but that's acceptable. I wasn't able to block all bots before they took them out. Before: After:
  5. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    NCSoft, do something about that ASAP! I already disabled my factionchat because all you see are those god damned bots! That way you might get rid of those darn queues as well!
  6. Low FPS on High End PC?

    Actually a GTX970 should let the game run 60fps and above. Which screen resolution are you using and are there any other games/programs running in the background?

    The servers are down, just be patient until NCSoft says they're back up.

    Just give it up Sepiyu, i know you're absolutely right, but most people just ignore stuff like that and keep doing their thing even if they shouldn't without knowing that they could make it even worse. I have stuff like this everyday in my job... Working in customer care...
  9. ERROR E01008 FIX HERE!

    Guys, you can do whatever you want on your computer, it will definitely NOT solve the connection issue because it's their server which is causing this and you can't do anything about it! All you guys need to do is: Be patient, drink a cup of coffee or whatever and wait until NCSoft fixed their server issue, then we'll be able to play again... Jeez...

    I think there are a few costumes available in game but not listed in the wardrobe :) The better is the surprise if you get an item and don't know what it looks like before you put it on ^^ An example: